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Okay, I REALLY needs some help. I have read through a lot of posts on the boards at Ebay and am still a little confused about this RSS Feeds thing.

First of all, I do have my feeds turned on in My Ebay so I was hoping that they would be distributed but I cannot find my listings in Froogle or Google Base. I did the feedburner thing (will they also send feeds out as well?)

I am fine sending feeds out my own if I only knew what I was doing. I opened up a Google Base account but am not sure what to upload (I read one post saying that you had to open your feed file in excel and change some things before sending it to google it really that labor intensive?)

I really need to do some advertising for my items that Ebay has failed to do, but I tell you, I have spent SO much time on this that I have hardly listed this week and all I wanted to was to get my items into shopping searches!

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated by me and my twin girls as they keep hoping that Momma will get off the computer and take them swimming! Smile

Thanks again!

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for rss feeds -

turn on rss feeds in my ebay

take the file they give you and copy it to your clipboard

go to feedburner and create an account and paste in what you copied from ebay

select an icon (or icons) to use and copy the code for it (them) to your listings. I also recommend in smaller text, under the icon, 'click here to subscribe to my RSS feed'

googlebase is totally different from rss feed. there's a couple of threads on here with info on googlebase.

hope that helps
Thanks for the reply. I do have my feeds turned on in ebay and did the feedburner thing. Does Feedburner also send feeds out or is it just a mechanism by which to create a RSS Feed link for yourself?

Thanks for reminding me of the posts re: google base. I had seen those but did not search the right words to bring them up. The way you decribe it, it does sound pretty labor intensive so I may have to set aside some time to try and figure it out once and for all.

I am just not very good at fiddling with files...I don't even mess with the html in templates anymore unless I am simply pasting something in. Are there any file converters out there than just can put into a file that googlebase needs? I will go back again and read more posts to see if anyone suggests such an animal.

Thanks again wayoutwest!

I think I FINALLY figured this out without too much hassle!!!!!!!!

Okay, so here is what I did. I went to my ebay store, went to the bottom of the page and clicked on the RSS feed button. I then saved this file on my hard drive as an .xml file and gave it a name I would remember.

I found this post from a last year year on Auctiva and here is what artofadornment said to do and it worked!!

"One thing I do know is, you can't upload the .xml file until you register it with Google Base first. When I did my "save as" after clicking the orange RSS button in my eBay store, I chose a filename that would be easy for me to remember (you could do something like "myebaystore.xml"). When you go to the Google Base screen to register it, make sure you type it exactly as "myebaystore.xml"! I just did those exact steps and my feed show up great! And it didn't overwrite my other bulk upload file (the one I use for my web store) like I thought it would, it just added more items. Yay!!!"

Well, I did this very same thing and wellahhhh...within 24 hours my items were showing on Google Base and Froogle!! I did not have to send it to a file converter and then open it up in excel to edit it. Maybe you have to send it to a converter if you do not have the option of saving it as a .xml file on your computer. All I know is that I am so glad I found this old post and that IT WORKED!

Okay, I just checked and it says the upload was a success and shows all of my current auctions. They're not showing up in Googlebase yet but perhaps that still takes a bit longer..

Glad to hear it worked for you Rick! I would
give it about 24 hours and then they should all appear. When you set it up, you put your items in as "products" correct? Just want to make sure as that is part of what makes it take. Wink

Yes they are suppose to pull in pictures as well. Mine are showing up...there are actually a couple of items I cannot find so I am not sure how fullproof this is. I will look around on Google base maybe there is something to click on to get pics to show up as well or maybe they are just taking their pulling everything up to Google base and Froogle!

Go to your account in Googlebase and go to your list of items. See where it says "item url" at the end of the line of one your item titles? Click on that and a new page will come up with specifics about the item and a box on the right hand side with the gallery pic in it. Some of mine say the image is not available and most are showing up as they should be. I am going to have to look into these ones not showing up.
I am not sure what the answer is here. Do we do another bulk load and see what happens?

Going back to the drawing board again......


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