Thank you very much Craig! We certainly appreciate your help in the matter. The ease of reposting saved listings and the use of the auto-relist feature is the single biggest reason why we love Auctiva and recommend it to friends often. It truly is a wonderful service and we appreciate it immensely.

We were up past 2 a.m. on Sunday night frantically trying to edit and save and post nearly 500 auctions that were scheduled to auto-relist/repost and had no idea that even though eBay would no longer display active content in users listings (shown in their before and after preview button), but that Auctiva would refuse to post the listings altogether. I'm just glad my wife checked the listings that evening before we went to bed, as the lost revenue would have been hard to stomach.
Originally posted by Auctiva Craig:
Hello javacentric,

Apologies that our prior communications did not make clear that Saved Listings were not going to be addressed in the same way that Active Listings were regarding active content, however, please note that our messages regarding the removal of active content did specify Active Listings.

- Craig

Hmmm, that 'however' sounds like a retraction of the apology. So Auctiva did 'specify Active Listings' (N.B. only), and anything else had to be imagined by your customers/clients, who didn't even really know what 'active content' really meant! That's a cop out. If it was made clear then you would not have made all the sellers have heart attacks when their saved listings suddenly (on editing) would not save or post. And avoid that deluge of support cases filed...
Hello Community -

There has been an update regarding this issue with active content in Saved Listings.

We've made some changes that will now allow you to use Find and Replace (Advanced Edit for the Description area) will now allow you to make multiple passes for listings that contain active content. So, presently, you can you remove some elements and have that save so you can run the tool again to remove further elements if needed.

We are also developing a tool that will allow you to select saved listings to have the active content removed in the same way that the tool is operating on active listings. We expect to have this available in the near future and I will update this thread again as soon as we have more information regarding that tool available.

- Craig
Hello, this is a work around for. If the listing you are trying to edit is already posted on ebay, you can go to the listing in ebay, click on hlp to remove active content, then apply, but don't save the listing in ebay yet. Then click HTML, copy and and paste this active content free HTML back into auctiva. Hope this helps
Hello All,

I am following up to let you know that the tool for Saved Listings to have active content removed is now available within accounts.

You can find the tool under the Advanced Edit option on the Saved Listings page of your account. You select it by clicking on Advanced Edit after selecting a listing or group of listings; it is the last option in the Item Details section of the pull down menu.

Please note that this tool will operate only on the description area of your listings - this does not include a listing template or seller details profile you may have added to the listing and also note that there are no backups made of listings that have had the tool run over them.

- Craig
You can't get Advanced Edit when you are forced into using the old Saved Listings page!!! After doing a listing it often gives the error message:
"STOP We are sorry, but an error occured while trying to process your request. Please try again and if you continue to have trouble contact support."

And we then can't access the new Saved Listing page and have to revert to the old Saved Listing page if we want to list. So how are we supposed to get to the New Listing Page with the Advanced Edit section to look for Active Content in our descriptions???!!!
Hello javacentric -

We're sorry to hear that you have run into difficulty reaching the Advanced Edit tool. Unfortunately, you are correct and this tool is not available on the original version of the Saved Listings page. It is unclear what you refer to when you state that you are forced to use the older version of the page, as there should be no difficulty for you to use the current version; we are not aware of any issues working with the current version of the saved listings page. If you are unable to use the current version of the page, please file a support case providing all of the details of what you experience with it, including your browser and operating system information so we can look into it.

- Craig
Same problem with not saving the ad because it thinks it has active content. That has happened on over 200 of my listings. I got so frustrated I found that My work around was to go straight to EBAY, "relist through the EBAY website" and boom my listing was accepted, even added some new pictures, NO PROBLEM? But, I can't use AUCTIVA because of that darn error I keep getting on all my listings.
Hello mckenziesgold1 -

if you are running into the initial issue noted in this thread, you should be able to use the Advanced edit tool to have your descriptions checked for active content. Please note that the tool is not able to check the Seller Details profile or templates as they get added when a listing goes to post.

If you are encountering the same issue as noted by javacentric, where you are having difficulty accessing the current version of the Saved Listings page and are therefor having issues getting to Advanced Edit, please also file a support case with the details of what you are encountering so we can look into it for you.

- Craig

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