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Reminder to schedule your auctions NOT to end or begin during American Idol.

For those of you who saw the eBay documentary 1 1/2 hour CNBC documentory on ebay "The Ebay Effect: Worldwide Obsession."(and those who didn't) this point was driven home visually and statistically.

The documentary showed how the numbers of shoppers from the East Coast dropped drastically at the time American Idol started and how the members shopping jumped back after the show. Then it showed the cascading effect across the United States.

It worked this way last year and I'm sure it will be this way again this year.

Schedule accordingly.

Good Luck,
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You might wanna google the was CNBC.

I had it Tivo'd and saved for almost six months. If I still had it I'd make a vhs for you and send it out...but it's gone.

You might be able to contact CNBC and have them send you the transcripts or see if they can rerun it or send you a copy.

It was really interesting and showed alot of insider hints tips. Too much Meg in my opinion.

I'll Google around tomorrow and see if I can find some links if you'd like.

Take care,
I never watch the show either so I had to Google to get the info but it looks like it is Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (I think that is when it was on this week too). It also starts at 8pm eastern so maybe stay away from those time frames??? I don't know, people are CRAZY about this show and so I am going to try and stear around those times and see what happens.

I'm off to life in Florida.

Here's a few links to the documentary:

Feel free to Google some more. I checked Youtube hoping there would be some clips from the documentary but didn't find any.

I did find this though. <smile>

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