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SmileHey All Need some Input here, I listed this topic Last Night, Member8880 gave great suggestions. BUT today there is no solution!
POST""About 2 hrs ago I sold an item. I recieved the Customary "your item sold notification"
Next Recieved was the " Paypal Payment Notification"
So everything is honky dory right...not!

Buyer sends me a note "paid for this item through Paypal and then received a notice saying it was not available. Will you please advise?"

I reassured her everything was fine with her purchase and that it would be shipped in the am with my other orders. I also requested her to please "forward" a copy of the e-mail she recieved to me.
Now this Item I relisted thru, Ebay not Auctiva.
Does Auctiva send winning bidders notifications, I have not set up any sort of emails for my buyers via Auctiva. At Least I dont think I have.
The only thing I could think of, is that I relisted it thru E-bay so perchance does Auctiva not recognise the item as being relisted, then sends an e-mail to the buyer saying product unavailable?
Also I just found out thru the forums, is it true that an Item relisted thru Auctiva does not recieve the insertion fee back if the product sells? Or is that an old post and things have changed?""END POST

RESPONSE FROM BUYER THIS MORNING " Sorry I deleted all my temp files & Emails last night to clean out my PC, wouldn't you know it that you needed one of the emails ...Sorry"

OK So there is no way to know where this came from (the email that had been sent to buyer)
So my solution would be...Change my Ebay ID and the Domain Name in AUctiva. I also changed all my Passwords in Hotmail & PayPal.
Question : WHICH do I Change FIRST for Least Interuption To My Listings and Accounts on Ebay & Auctiva.
CAN THIS BE DONE SMOOTHLY, OR Does ANYONE Have experience with Changing Either the DOmaine Name and/or Ebay ID and Having Massive Problems!!
Is doing one or the other going to shut Down my listings Like when I signed UP for Auctiva??

I Need some Experiences from Members, On the EBAY ID CHANGE or AUctiva Domain Name Change/ or BOTH

As I have nothing to hand over to security: I think this is the best I can do!
I appreciate Your time & Input. Thank-you Nanc
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Hi again,
Sorry to hear your still having problems!
As far as ebay goes...I doubt changing your ID will have any effect at all, you should really change your ebay PASSWORD and EMAIL ADDRESS if you think there could be a possible security problem, and here's everyplace you will have to change it in (I just had to do this myself). However it didn't affect my listings in the slightest. Just make sure you change it everywhere, pay particular attn. to Paypal. Here goes:

There are 8 different places inside of eBay/PayPal where you need to change your email address.

l. EBay - My Account - Personal Information
2. EBay - Sell Item Form - Page 4, when selecting PayPal as Payment method, your email address is listed there.
Go to the "site map" link at the top of this page. Look in the center column for:
3. Site Map - Change My Registration Information.
4. Site Map - Change My Email Address
5. Site Map - Change my Checkout preferences
6. Site Map - Change My Shipping Addresses. Your email address is in the bottom right
And at PayPal ( log in . . .
7. PayPal - Profile - Email
8. PayPal - Auction Tools - Winning Buyer Notification box.

If you follow all the prompts you should be fine, it's not nearly as confusing as it sounds Smile

And obviousley you'll have to change it in Auctiva as well so it links with your ebay acct. and (maybe?) you'll nees a new token. If you do all this, I don't really think you need to change anything in Auctiva itself, at least I didn't. But I don't know how you have it set up, if you use the insurance, etc. If you want to be absolutely sure, file a support request.

I wish you luck and I really hope this info helps you.
SmileThanks 8880
I wish I saw it to or at least that she had remembered what/where it came from.
That E-mal account was ONE thing I didnt want to change, I have been Massively marketing for the past 6 weeks. That E-mail is my main one for ecrater,asm,blogs, etc let alone Ebay.
That is why I wanted to keep it.
I changed Passwords but have a few more to go. I was worried about changing the ebay id, fearing i might lose business. So many of my ladies have my email though, and my listings are definitly mine. Most of my ladies would recognize them.
I had a phishing e-mail today, from a unregistered ebayer. sent it to spoo@bay, they said it was fraudulent, i knew that but...
Decisions like this are hard, because no matter what, now is not the time I want my listings down from a new token.
Business has been pretty steady.
Thanks:-) If you dont mind I am going to copy and print those areas you mentioned, so if worse comes to worse. I have it all in front of me for a clean thorough sweep.
I appreciate it, we need a security category on the board!!
Thanks alot, I appreciate your time and experience. It gave me a pic of what I need to look at.
Night love Sleep Sweet, Nanc
Changing your ID really wouldn't accomplish anything (I don't think) because everything else stays with you, FB, email, password, all of it.

If you click on anyone's FB profile, to the right you'll see links for contact member, items for sale, and more options. If you click on more options it gives user ID history, here's an example I'm going to use (with permission from this member)

User ID Effective Date End Date

sparxx001 Mar-07-07 Present

crazymouse3 Nov-28-06 Mar-07-07

sparxx001 Oct-17-06 Nov-28-06

To save yourself some aggravation, you should probably leave it alone...just my 2 cents Smile
SmileYep, I am glad one of us has
I forgot about that.
Tis busy right now, I hesitate to do anything because of that.
I think I'll watch, keep an eye out and see if more spam or strange stuff goes on.
I noticed the messaging filters onthe Bay were changed this morning. So I dont think its just my account, I think its someone tagging Lots of accounts or Ebay wouldnt change that encryption window.
It now on the response page. Didn't used to be, it used to be on the following page.
Did you notice that this am???
Gotta get back to work, Thanks Love. I really appreciate it! Ebay has gotten SO bad for this junk! Mad
TTYL Nanc Smile

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