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When I joined Auctiva I opted for the sellathon counter but in the past few days it's coming up saying I am not signed up to it. I thought this was part of the auctiva data meltdown in the past few days, but it's just occurred that I may have been on a month's free trial that's now expired. How do I sign up for it again? Happy to pay fees as I think it's a really useful tool. Just can't find any details here on how to join. Anyone know? Many thanks, Sue
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Top of the mornin,

Isn't that counter great! (the upgraded counter with all the tracker information not the free one)

You could email Krissie over at Sellathon. Or they have a message board full of information...that you might be able to find the answer.

I believe and I could be wrong, that Auctiva only handles the placing of the counters in for you.

Here's the site

And heres' the message board/forum/info center

My Best and Good Luck,

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