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Hi Everone New to Auctiva Smile

Is the Sellethon Counter thats FREE with Auctiva supose to show Info, Like Number of snipes set to all potential buyers ?

Plus all the other Info too ? I dont want any buyers too see all that Info that my Active listing is showing, if they click on the Sellethon link in listing.

The INFO is Good to know but UUUUMMMM I dont want to share all that with buyers ....

Is that a Glitch Or will it always show that Info ?

Thanks for a reply
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Hi pj -

What you see with the Sellathon counter is not a glitch. This is from the Sellathon community forums:

Our research shows that the Gallery increases traffic to your items 17%. More visitors means more opportunities for a sale!

As I've said in a few other threads, you can become a paid member and use a completely hidden code. This will eliminate the link to the Gallery and the counter graphic from your items all together, but will require you to swap tracking codes in any running items.

You can also join our affiliate program at , and enter your affiliate information in Step 3 on the Tracking Code page. This will change the tracking code so that the link will go back to our home page, and we'll pay you a commission on every paid membership that comes to us by way of that link. Again, you'll need to swap tracking codes out in your running items if you choose this route.

Hope this information helps!

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Here's the solution to this situation.

Good Luck,

Thanks so much Donna Much appreciated ! Big Grin Wink for the link ..It DID work and Really easy fix there too that should be on a HELP list somewhere easily found ....

Big Grin I like the Info But i sure dont want any buyers to see all that .... Big Grin

They maybe should put a WARNING before the listing goes active, to let the seller know. I didnt find out until like 24 hrs after listing was active Red Face Eek Buyers should never be Privy to that info JMHO.

Sellethon & Auctiva should do something about that flaw .

Thanks again Donna for the help!!!

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