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As I am sure most of you sellers, that offer your items for sale worldwide, have experienced in the past. There are a number of countries outside of the US that PayPal does not confirm addresses for and with the PayPal Seller Policy requiring confirmed addresses for protection, I understand that my sales will not be protected (chargebacks, etc.) with these international customers.

How have you international sellers dealt with or suggest I should deal with these customers, as I would like to protect myself because of the high value of these items, but at the same time do not want to block potential buyers.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I accept Western Union's Bidpay for international orders. The buyer has to pay a fee, but it's not much. They used to literally send you a money order, but now you have the option of direct deposit into your bank account.

Also you have to pay some sort of currency conversion fee with paypal which is more moola into their pocket and outta mine. Smile

I'm sure there are others, but that's what I use and I'm happy with it.
I use PayPal for international orders and have had zero problems but I think a lot depends on what you sell. Also, I have great buyers.

Shipping via Global Express (not Global Priority) is always a good idea because it's the only method that gives you actual tracking. It's also expensive.

But if you do that and insure (which is cheaper from third party providers) then you're probably covered for the most part.
You will be covered if you have a U-Pic policy, regardless. You cannot lose a PayPal dispute if you offer the buyer his money back (via your insurance policy). The onus is put on the buyer, as they must provide a signed statement that the package was not received or damaged.

If it's a scam, then the scammer gets his money, but at least you do not get screwed over in the process.

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