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Any idea why all my new listings are appearing on Ebay without the shipping discount? Everything is set up on Ebay correctly. I have all my shipping discount preferences set.

Ebay now has this button to indicate a listing be eligible for shipping discount. It's been so long since I've listed through Ebay...has that button always been there? I thought that if I just set my preferences, I was ready to go? What's going on??? Help please...
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Hi illek,

We are currently unable to accommodate combined invoices. We will be adding this feature for our phase II release later this year. Until then, there are a couple viable options:

1) Enable the "Allow Buyer to Edit Total Amount" feature in your checkout settings. This will allow the buyer to edit the checkout in order to reflect reduced shipping costs or multiple items.

2) If you turn off Auctiva checkout, customers will revert back to the standard eBay checkout for your newly listed items, which will allow you to combine invoices. Auctiva checkout can be disabled at Auctiva -> My Account(tab) -> Checkout Settings.

However, listing that were posted via Auctiva when Auctiva checkout was enabled will still go through Auctiva checkout.


I'll post to this thread when I have more info about the shipping discount issue.
I spoke with Live Support at eBay...all the guy could do was file a ''trouble ticket'' with tech support.

My eBay ID is can look at my listings and see the shipping discount I offer at the bottom of my BIN's....but no such thing in the auctions. The ONLY time the discount is auto-applied at checkout is for multiples of the same BIN item.

Weird and aggravating problem!
Best I can tell, it started around 3/16. I haven't gone back through all of my Paypal payments to see if I missed any overpayments.

I realized what was happening on the 19th.
I'm having to refund overpayments if customers check out before I can send a corrected invoice.

I believe it's a problem on this end because 1) the post on this board that someone else wrote about My eBay Pref. not being applied. And 2) no one has posted anything similar to our problem anywhere on eBay. If it was an eBay issue, it would be a lot more prevalent.
I didn't notice it right away because I think it was older listings being sold. Frankly, I'm getting irritated. I was able to revise all listings so far--but there will be those scheduled to post that I miss and will receive bids.

I know one of the sellers I buy from just doesn't put in her discount. She wants the buyer to request an invoice. But not all buyers do this. I suppose I'll have to make a note of this in my listings. (But a lot of buyers don't bother with the fine print.)
That should read up there that I think it started around 4/16, not 3/16.

I did read a short thread that eBay is fooling around with Preferences because of the eExpress launch. But again, I really think that if this an eBay problem it'd be happening to LOTS more people.

And I did revise auctions that I could to show the discount, and that still didn't work. Frown
If your preferences are set on Ebay, revising your auction (on Ebay) should work. You know, I think that discount button they have for applying the discount is new. I could be wrong. It's been so long since I've posted directly from Ebay. I'm going to go snoop around on the boards on Ebay. Thanks for keeping me posted, andreaturtle.

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