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I have a few questions about Auctiva's offered shipping insurance. I do not use Auctiva's integrated checkout, for I combine shipping. Now, I would like to use Auctiva's insurance on some of my listings. Here's my question: If a buyer purchases several items from me, is there a way to purchase insurance for the whole transaction? From what I can see on my transactions page, every listing is separate, despite a single buyer of several items. How would I purchase insurance for a single purchase of several items?

Also, can I purchase insurance for listings already activated, i.e., created before signing on to Auctiva's insurance plan? I'm thinking I can. Thanks!
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1) Auctiva Shipping Insurance is on a per listing basis so you can't combine items from multiple listings into one insurance policy.

2) After an item closes(imported also), it'll show up at Auctiva -> Sales -> Transactions. You can use the "Purchase insurance" link to the right of the item # to buy insurance for that item.

I hope this helps=)


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