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Originally posted by trinkets:
The Auctiva site is down and has been down for hours now !!!!!

I had been listing on it for the past 2 hours or so, but suddenly, can't do a thing. Sure wish someone would provide some info. I really need to get some listings done today and if it is going to be hours before it is up, I have other things I could do. Onthe other hand, if it is only going to be a short time, listing is my priority right now.
Hi Community,

Thanks for helping to bring this issue to our attention. The technical difficulties which caused the Auctiva website to be temporarily unavailable should be fully resolved, so you should now be able to resume normal use of our site and services.

We apologize for any inconveniences this issue may have caused. If you encounter any further difficulties, please contact our Customer Support team by mousing over the "Help" tab and selecting the "File Support Case" option.

Ummmm...if we have further problems with the site being down then no one will be able to mouse over anything and no one will be able to file support tickets.....because no one can do any of that if they cannot access the site which is required to mouse over anything and or to file support tickets, just like we could not this time, last time or any other time the site has been down.

Just sayin'.

This is a perfect example of why scripted responses are not beneficial or helpful.

Roll Eyes
Auctiva it does seem kind of strange that when we need support the most we can't access it at all.

Obviously, during an outage as we have no way whatsoever of knowing IF the issue is being worked on or if auctiva even knows there is an issue.

Also, for those who can log in during an outage it would be helpful to have that on the NEWS area so we can check there and KNOW the issue is acknowledged and being worked on...OR even at the log in page or something put up.

Last resort...even update on facebook for the people who have learned to go there when there is a problem.

I do know during past outages this has been a big problem. I seem to recall being told on forums (or possibly a suggestion on forums) that either these were or are going to be on separate servers (may not be correct term) but I remember separate something in there. OR that the issue would be fixed so we could get support during an outage.

I do know this has been a problem in the past and continues to be one as none of us can get support if there is outage.

In quite a few posts we were told auctiva staff that communication would be worked on during an outage. Here is at least one post from August 2011 from Auctiva Tony. I can put link if others want it, but it was a pretty heated discussion and awhile back but did ask MANY, MANY times by many of us where to go in case of an outage.


We agree that we could have communicated better than we did in this instance, and will work to make that better in the future.

Once the storm dies from an outage, people quit asking...but how do we access support during an outage??? then next outage it is resurrected.

Yes, this outage is OVER, but it will happen again, as all systems have issues...I think most of us understand outages, problem is we do not understand why we can't access HELP and there is no acknowledgement that there is a problem by Auctiva and NO updates on whether problem is expected to be 2 hours or 2 days, so we can't really re-plan our day.

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