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Originally posted by Aunt Veronica:
The site is running so slow this evening. I wonder what in the world causes this. Takes forever for a screen to appear and then sometimes it freezes on me...sigh. Frown

I've noted that the site's been pretty jerky myself beginnning about Sunday. Pages take a long, long, time to load, then do it all at once, etc. Other sites on the net that I frequent haven't been having this problem, so I assume it's on Auctiva's end.

I've contacted support but each time (several) they always tell me that there is something wrong with my browse, cookies, cashe, etc. Why, all of a sudden if I've been using the same "everything" for weeks is it all of a sudden incorrect? Gosh, I love this site but all I really would like is for the correct folks to take responsibility...not tell us that the fault is ours. Roll Eyes
Hi Aunt Veronica,

At the time you filed your support rquest last night, we were not receiving any similar reports, nor were we noticing any sluggishness of the Auctiva site on our end. I hope you can understand that our support staff is not simply trying to "pass the buck" when you are given those instructions in response to your support requests.

When there is no evidence that the sluggishness you are experiencing is a site-wide problem, it is reasonable to deduce that the cause of the sluggishness must be a conflicting setting or application on your system, an overloaded browser cache, an issue with your ISP, or a separate issue with a router located between your ISP and Auctiva's.

I just want to assure you that your compliants aren't being written off but they are being evaluated on a case by case basis. If there was a convincing reason to believe there was something on our end that needed attention at the time your support request was filed, we would investigate the problem immediately.

Best wishes!

The homepage came up in about a second, but when I signed in it took 14 seconds. Which is too long. Usage of our site is up 30-40% over the past 2 months. The better we run, the more people use us, and the busier it gets. We're always doing things to improve performance, but we're a little behind the curve right now. We're hoping to do some database cleanup tonight that will help the speed.

We have plenty of servers, it's not a # of servers issue. We have plenty of bandwidth. We 're getting close to getting all the performance we can out of our DB but we've got some still to get. Going forward we'll know we will be upgrading that area of the site.

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