First (in the past) all closed ebay items not showing up on Auctiva's site. That seems to be corrected. Now sold items not showing up on closed sold listings or past sells. Anyone else having these issues? 

David Bryan

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Hello David,

I am sorry to hear that you have encountered difficulty with some of your listing data importing appropriately into your Auctiva account.  We are not aware of any issues on our end at this point that would cause items sold on eBay from showing up in your Auctiva account as they should, so it is unclear what may have occurred for you.

It sounds like we'd need to have a look into your account at some of the items in question to see what's going on.

Please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site or send an email with your username and the details of what has occurred for you with a few sample item numbers of items that have sold that are not showing for you as expected so we can take a look into it for you.

 - Craig

I do not think this is an eBay issue. I noticed on Sunday that all the items that did not sell at auction and ended showed up in my listings not sold but the same night many of the sold items did not show up in the listings sold. After submitting this I do see them now in the sales/transactions/sold link but they are still not showing up in the listings/all/closed/sold link. I had issues with none of my closed listings (sold or unsold) showing up months ago and y'all had to get doing reconcile and eventually the issue was resolved so there are issues somewhere.

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