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I have been a seller and buyer on eBay for over 9 years. I like many people are furious at the new changes at eBay, especially the dramatic increase in final value fees promoted as a fee decrease due to a nickle reduction in listing fees (do they think we are stupid?), the iability to leave anything but positive feedback for buyers (coming May 1), the ability of Paypal to hold our money for 21 days, and the problems with the DSR detailed feedback system, which gives the impression to buyers that 4 stars is "very statisfied" but where sellers have to get a 4.8 to be not flagged as deficient by eBay itself, or receive any discount. And by the way, the discount, which probably less than a few percent of sellers will qualify for even before the new changes make it harder, is far LESS than the new fee increases. Moreover, eBay has not pitted buyers against sellers with the new feedback system, making sellers even more powerless and vulnerable to abuse. The bottom line: I for one (and there are tens of thousands like me) no longer find it fun, worthwhile, or profitable to do business on eBay. I am not only supporting the new boycott on May 1, I am leaving for good.

The question I and many others have is: where to move? Sure, we can build and promote our own web sites, but is there an alternative auction site that can fill eBay's shoes, but do it better? Ironically, we have too many choices, which spreads out buyers and sellers into too many different places. We need to figure out how to concentrate on one or a few alternative sites. That's the only way to build a viable alternative to eBay in the short run. How? I think I have the solution. Please help me if you agree by expressing this to the other auction sites. The idea is as follows.

Two or three of the alternative auction sites need to stop competing, and join forces. In other words, merge. This will do two key things. First, it will be big news, and draw major media attention to the ebay problems and a viable solution. Second, it will give feeBayers the clear direction they need in deciding where to move. Both buyers and sellers will probably flock there faster than you can say ''screw eBay!'' If this happens, the media coverage that is bound to follow will only accelerate the process.

Otherwise, the only other solution is for a single competing auction site to spend enough on national advertising to start a stampede to their site. Without a merger, they'd need to go all out in this way to get that critical mass of buyers and sellers. But it would pay off. Even if they spent tens of millions on this initial campaign, it would soon pay off in Billions they could make by becoming the new, and hopefully much better and kinder replacement for eBay. But the merger concept would work even better I think, and be less expensive for the companies. They would not have to spend a lot in advertising, because the merger would generate its own story, and provide the momentum for the mass exodus from eBay. Isn't this logical. So, to the CEO's at OLA, iOFFEr, eCrater, or whoever else has an auction site and is listening: get your heads together, stop competing and join forces! Everyone will WIN WIN WIN!
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I've been selling here for 11 years. I was a powerseller for 5 years, and I've done pretty well over the years. I've been through up and down times.

In regards to your direct question, in my opinion there is nowhere to move to. Yet. That isn't to say there won't be in one, two, five years, but for me, there's no place to go now.

I looked at all the sites you and others have mentioned and I find they would be no benefit to me. Not now anyway. If that changes, I'll give them another review, but I don't see that happening in the near term.

I've just spent the past month being "MAD" and it did nothing for me. I made no money because I didn't list anything. I was more pissed at the fare hikes than I am about the feedback and the DSR system. I don't feel the feedback is going to cause me any problems. My DSR values are running fairly high and have me in the "middle 50%" of all sellers, for just doing what I always do, so I see no need to worry.

What worries me though is sales are off and I think they are off due to bad economic conditions. There is less "free" money out there to spend on "junk". Yes, I sell junk. With oil now at $110 and still rising, the dollar sinking, postage rates going up in May, Gasoline rising, less people have money to spend on junk.

Taken in perspective, I compared some sales from 2000 against sales today. Sales of the same (or close) final value were higher today, but not that much higher that I can claim I'm going broke. So, for now I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing and continue to sell on eBay.
Pretty much everything JeffS said can be echoed by me. Neither one of us seems to have the kind of items that would sell well elsewhere.

I have a couple items listed on a couple other's been so long already I almost forgot about them. NO action. Not even many views. Good thing it was free to list...

On the other hand, I'm doing ok on Ebay. I still think their FB policy and fee increases stink but that won't stop me from listing. And tho I participated in the first boycott, I will not be able to in the next one. I have to get rid of my stuff somewhere, and Ebay is the only place with the buyer market.
Mergers require one set of directors/founders to no longer be their own bosses after years of hard work can't see that happening voluntarily without a lot of squabbling.

Just think all those different formats of listings and facilities, migrating all those listings from one site to another, sounds very expensive.

What is required is an aggressive takeover over of a number of smaller venues by a large one.

There is probably only one who could do that, the dark one who we are having a field day over hating Frown

That would increase their power, onwards and upwards Eek
I have a couple items listed on a couple other sites...i

Well Ms M that will not get you very far the only way to do it is to hit them with a hundred or so BIN's to make your presence noticed. You cannot be timid and why should you if the other site is free to list on.

And keep things turning over and let your regulars on greedbay know about it, afterall if you are bulk buying or drop-shipping you have multiples of everything and so can list them on multiple sites. The essence of sanity then is strict stock control and knowing what is listed where. Smile

A few items listed 'til they rot does not work and that is not just my opinion, appears in other site forums.

Meanwhile I have finally selected a web host and registered two domain names a .com and a corresponding all I have to do now is set up an initial search engine grabbing simple site before making it full blown, only he say's, the weeks are too short Roll Eyes
Hello to all, I agree with you Argo33 well said. If only a merge would take place--merge merge merge keyword. If paypal keeps my money for 21 days I will cancel them and go with bidpay etc. That is no even right. They too think they have us by the bal--. Paypal making interest off of us hard working people--they should hang their heads down, and be ashamed. I will check into paypal situation, and where we could really profit is by owning some of ebay stock. Happy to hear from all of you, and your thoughts. So many of us are wondering what will happen next to our business on ebay. If it were not for us sellers what would ebay do? They would not be in business. It would be great if all would take a stand on a certain date and not sell anything in protest of all the changes. Mark all store sells-- out of town or vacation etc. I will keep an eye out for what will happen next. Take care all, collectable-tyme
I have been lurking the last few days here and I am just amazed about how much whinning over this whole issue. Folks it is time to wake up and be proactive not reactive. While I myself don't like all these changes it is still a cost of doing business, whether you like it or not feebay is still the powerhouse when it comes to delivering buyers.

I look at it this way, since I make my own items that I sell I can pay a sales rep 15% or I can pay ebay 8% while marketing to wholesale customer base directly and through wholesale shows. Ebay is far more cost effective in the long run.

Someone the paypal is making money off us hardworking stiffs by earning interest, come on it is time to wake up. Do you realise the he insurance companies make trillions in interest off your monthly payments. How about utility companies that sell your info to telemarketers and then offer you blocking software or service against them. Sounds like a bookies doesn't it. The banks are just as bad, they make their money off interest and the float between them and the federal reserve.

Folks the point is that what ebay is doing is no different than what any other business is doing. You can boycott all you want, but in the end you are hurting yourself and helping your competion.

The real answer is to embrace these changes and develope strategies for selling your products while meeting your customer needs and enhancing your bottom line. I have done this and my sell through rate is in the 80% range. I am also averaging a profit margin of 63% above cost. I am not working harder just smarter.

So just complain and boycott away, I just continue to list, make money, and take care of my customers.

Hi Burly,

Of course most of us are still listing...the BIG problem as I see it, is the DSR's...we have NO control over those. Drop below 4.5 and the Best Match will put you on the last page or nowhere at all (that's not happening yet as far as I can tell, but it will be).
The searches are being manipulated...I have seen this and know it for a fact..Long story there, but it is true.

Same with the inability to leave a negative FB. Nothing to hold back buyers now. At least the threat of retaliation stopped some of them, but after May that will no longer be an issue. My buyers for the most part have been wonderful, but there have been a couple of them in the past who would have negged me for slow shipping (even tho item was sent the day of payment), or because the item didn't fit them (why not try actually reading the listing and measurements)

Visit the Ebay boards and you'll see links to articles from AuctionBytes to the Wall Street Journal...Donahoe does not have a CLUE what he is doing. If they keep all these asinine policies in place, I'd be interested to see how you feel a year from now. If your livelihood depended on digital delivery items (for example) I think your post would have been much different. Every seller knows there are some buyers that will never be happy, no matter what you do. My plan is the sameas yours, keep listing, making money, and see what happens.
The fee increase is secondary in my mind....

JMHO Smile

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