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I need a little advice please! I sold an item on Friday, it is Pick-up only, no shipping. I said in my auction that is soon as payment is received that I would contact the buyer so that we could make pick-up arrangements. They paid right away, great! So I emailed them, to contact me, and no reply, I waited 2 days, then I emailed them again, to make pick-up arrangements, and keep in contact, they have not contacted me as of yet. This item was $120.00! I would think, if I spent over $100.00, on ebay, I would contact the seller right away. Am I being overly anixous? I just want to give them what is theirs.

What do I do now? Just Wait?
Maybe they changed their minds and trying to get out of it?

I had another buyer that was too late, and asked me if the other buyer backed out, they wanted it. Anyways what do I do? Just Wait for them to contact me?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Really hasn't been that long. But stay on top of them...

Last spring I sold a large expensive office desk on Ebay. The buyer paid right away for it. Then the desk sat in the middle of the living room. 1, 2, 3 and then 4 months. Finally I called them one day and asked them where they wanted it. I delivered it to a postal/package store (like a UPS store) of all places about 60 miles from me, where the owners of the desk were to have the postal store re-deliver it to them. Made no sense to me. They never paid me for the gas, time or 4 months of storage. Bottom line, always put some words in the auction about "must be picked up in two weeks".
Wow! I can't believe it four have alot of patient. The buyer does not live very close to me either. I am just don't want anything to happen to the item, any damage before they get it, and I need the storage space. I did think about putting "must pick up in XXX time", but I though..spent $120.00, and I would pick up now! The buyer has 145 FB or more and is 100% positive. I was just thinking "are they getting my emails?", must have because I only go though the contact member link, so it goes direct to there myebay.

Thanks for your advice...really helped me Smile
Calgirl, the only thing I think I would do right now is refund their PayPal payment (that's how they paid, right?) and have them pay either with a USPS money order or cash in person.

The reason is an unscrupulous buyer could file Item Not Received after they've picked it up because you've got no proof of delivery -- which is all Paypal wants to see. Then they'd have the item plus their PayPal-forced refund.

Although if accepting PayPal is in your terms then they could also file a dispute if you change those terms. But even if they did at least there's no chance you'd be out $120. And if they're picking it up in person it doesn't seem like it'd be a problem to pay in person...

Good luck!
What about requesting their contact info and give them a call?

I have seen things like that sit around too for a long time even after the items are paid for. It is almost like the seller figures, "well it is paid for, I can get it whenever". It is always good to have a time frame listed in the auction and the terms (ie buyer is responsible for picking up the item or having a mover come and get it).

I think all the answers here are excellent advice. I am probably going to use them all. An ounce of prevention is worth...I am about to list a car which will be pick up only so all this advice in going in my ad.
I do think 2 days, I guess now 5 is still a little early to get worried. People are busy these days, many working 70-80 hours a week just to make ends meet, many working 2-3 jobs plus ebay! They use ebay because it saves them time shopping. I had one customer who was in the hospital, car wreck. Things happen. That's why I like all the advice so much. But that doesn't help you now. Just stay in touch, DON"T let it go 4 months!, and believe it will work out. It usually does. We only talk about the ones that don't.
Good luck and let us know what happens!

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