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Are just truly awesome!!! I'm starting to get repeat buyers and I have this one lady who has bought from me 3 times in less then a month and multiple purchases each time, and leaves me feedback that just warms my soul.

This is why I do Ebay!

This material is fantastic Great size pcs, will buy from again Highly Recommend
Best material I ever bought I WILL BE GETTING more Super Service and Product
FANTASTIC PRODUCT.. cant wait to see whats next!! Ex color and quality Material
High Quality Material --Highly Recommended. ---Impeccable Ebay'r !

Yes, I"m bragging, but I'm blushing too. Big Grin
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Yes, I love our repeat customers!!! And also have many that buy multiple items! Smile

Our feedback rating is at 189...with over 400 total positives! But I still love to get the feedback from my repeat customers even if it doesn't count on the rating again. Like you say...their feedback comments are among the best! And I always love to get the feedback and know our customers are happy with their purchase! It still counts in the total number, and I always look at that number too when I am buying.


I've had some very loyal buyers, but it feels kind of weird when they become your friends. A lot of my items are handmade (jewelry). And every time I make something for family or friends, I begin to fret. Will it fit them? Will they like it? Etc... Anyway, I've chatted back and forth with a few women (buyers) here and there--and we like each other. And then they come back and shop. And I feel I ripping them off somehow? Will this item fall apart? Can they afford this? It's all really bizarre...truly. I know it's all in my head, but geeze... I have a retired woman who is kind of on a shopping spree right now, and I don't think she has a lot of money.

I always try to keep the relationship professional, but then they send emails or actually call me up! One offered to create a web site for me--FREE!! I was just starting out at the time, and that just felt a bit overwhelming.

So, I get sucked in. I always give two of my buyers free shipping--because they're loyal customers and buy alot. So I have a buyer/friend relationship with a few of my customers. It has its +'s and -'s.
So I have a buyer/friend relationship with a few of my customers. It has its +'s and -'s.

Yeah, but that will happen whatever your retail set-up as long as your enterprise is fairly small -- eBay, website, brick-and-mortar store.

I like it myself. I figure people are responsible for themselves and they'll buy what they want to buy -- but I definitely know what you mean. And I don't have the extra "pressure" of selling something I made myself!

You also have to learn how to discern "friendly repeat customer" from "crazy trouble down the road" but I've had pretty good luck thus far.

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