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I got a weird email in my spam folder, it says it is from ebay keywords, only thing is I haven't signed up for keywords. I'm not sure if it is real spam, since gmail does a good job of telling the difference, but I'm a bit miffed. If it is ebay, it upsets me that if I go visit a page on their site they are watching and sending me unsolicted email? Although I don't remember visting the keyword page, at all.

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if it's not spam, then it's a spoof and the "click here" takes you to a fake ebay site.

forward it to spoof@ebay Wink

it wouldnt surprise me one bit if ebay does send spam based upon parts of site you visit. theyve got their site so loaded down with tracking stuff... Theyre tracking every click that each of us does (which is a bit unnerving and annoying to think that theyre spying like that) I can understand paying attention to customer behavior to improve the site, but to do it to send spam based on what you clicked is annoying, at the least. Kinda like if you walked into a Wal-mart, went to the housewares section and looked at a crockpot and the next day found flyers in your mailbox from wal-mart's housewares department.
You don't have the eBay "foolbar" do you?

I think you know that's nothing but spyware...tracking your moves, too.

Steve, you're right there's so much tracking info just on the site itself.

Remember this link? It shows all the scripts and such that eBay is using that slows your computer down.

Hope this helps somebody.

Lisa..also you can look at the headers and know where it came from. If ever in question, email to spoof/spam and get an answer back from them. Hover the mouse or right click copy shortcut and paste it into another window. That should tell you the whereabouts of the origin of the email.

Take care, Donna

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