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I am in test mode... its then telling me I need to do this "
The following settings are required in order for you to submit transactions to the payment gateway.

API Login ID – Create a unique Application Programming Interface (API) Login ID to identify yourself as an authorized user of the payment gateway when submitting transactions. Refer to the API Login ID and Transaction Key help file for more information.

Transaction Key – Create a unique Transaction Key to authenticate transactions that you submit to the payment gateway. See the API Login ID and Transaction Key help file for more information.


How the heck do I do all that??? I just want a stupid shopping cart button for them to pay with!

Editted to add that I did all that... how the heck do I create a shopping cart button now????

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a thank you to donna for pointing out this thread to me Smile

which shopping cart are you using? basically you have to tell the shopping cart to submit payments to gateway. If you want a button, you have to then create a button that has the product info and tells the shopping cart to add the item to the cart (which means that programming of button will be different for each brand of cart)
Just thought I should add - in shopping cart management/admin area, if you see AIM Protocol (or similar reference to AIM), it's the same thing as Some carts have the configuration for listed as, others have it listed as AIM.

edit to add clarification - basically speaking, has two different modes you can set it to on side. AIM mode and regular. If I recall correctly, once you upgrade to AIM, you cannot switch back.
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Steve, thats the problem, I dont have that. I have and my processor is Thats who I am currently using. When I want to create a button like (ADD TO CART, etc) All I have to do is log into their website, then click "add new product"... it will then ask me for the catergory, item #, item name, description, price and shipping and it does the rest. It gives me the HTML for the button to add to my site and that button takes them direct to the processor to pay. I dont have a shopping cart program! Steph
Steve, I cant figure any of it out. I guess I am just going to stick with what I got. The merchant account I use, all I do is log into their website, give the item a #, description, price and shipping and then submit and it gives me a HTML code to put on my page and it automatically creates the button and link. I am just too computer illiterate to use the Frown Thankfully I got myself into a company that has no fee for cancelling, Steph

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