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I posted a number of auctions last night and this morning my store window is displaying the wrong image for these auctions. My templates contain contain images within them for displaying some text. It seems that one of these images, "Description", was selected as the image for the item. So now it is displayed on all my auctions and not the item. I've posted a message to support about this and I'll provide as much information as I can so Auctiva can resolve this issue. Let me know if I can give you any more information on this matter. Thanks.

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Yes, I got some responses back from Support, but they haven't been much help, and my auctions still show the wrong images. I tried to get the person responding to give me an explanation of what caused the problem and if it would be an issue in the future, but I get nothing but answers that seem to be avoiding the question. I still have no explanation of how Auctiva selects the image it is going to use in the Showcase, nor do I have an explanation as to how an image embedded within my HTML description section was selected as the image for Showcase.
Is there anyone at Auctiva that could explain how the Showcase image is selected? Is it based on the image number that is selected as the eBay Header Image or is it the Gallery image? Is image retrieved using the number selected one of these fields as an index and then searching through the HTML document for each image tag until that index is reached? This is the only logical explanation I can come up with for the results I am seeing.

I am currently have the same problem and for the same reason.

I used a divider bar image in the body of my description and its that image that is now showing up in the showcase rather than the gallery images that are in the auction.

Very odd because not only are my image names entirely different, they are stored in different folders than the image being pulled.

No explanation for it, but it does look very odd.

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