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I do not know if others have sent in Support requests...but I sent one this morning. NORMALLY, I immediately get email stating that they have received my support request, etc.

Today, I filed and have not received confirmation. Just looked it is there...but seems something strange that all of a sudden we do not get confirmation that they received.

Since it is there...does this mean that they got but glitch caused no confirmation OR that they did NOT get??

Strange things are happening...and it is not even Halloween yet.
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Hi lookandbuyme,

Thanks for asking about this. Our system is still set up such that, upon opening a support case, you will be sent a confirmation email indicating the case has been submitted. You will also be sent a similar email notification each time that your case has been updated by a member of our staff.

Although I am not aware of any technical problems that would explain why you may not have received an email confirmation when your recent case was filed, I did test the process myself and promptly received all the appropriate email notifications.

I cannot be certain why you may not have received this specific email, but it seems likely that it may just be taking longer than usual to reach your inbox or has been filtered into the SPAM folder within your email program.


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