I'm having a bizzare listing problem and wondered if I was alone. For the last 24 hours, whenever I click the tabs at the top or move to a different screen like images or listings or like loading the master in the listing screen, I keep ending back at the home page and the sign in screen. I wanted to list tonight but can't move forward with any listings without ending back at signing in again. Anyone else having the problem or is it just on my computer? Bandman
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Answered my own question. Someone suggested downloading "IEASYCLEANER" to clear history, cookies, etc. to solve someone else's problem. I downloaded it and ran it...like magic Auctiva works perfectly. I recommend it if you are having listing/image problems. Bandman
Hmmmm, well that is still disturbing to me that you had to clear your cookies to login again. Our site uses cookies to remember you to keep you logged in.

I suppose you cookie could have gotten corrupted and just kept causing an error and logging you out. I'll make sure this gets double-checked as we've had a few reports of this behavior.
I am having the same problem, for about three days now. I downloaded and ran the easy cleaner and it made no difference. I have contacted auctiva, no word as of yet, other than suggesting the easy cleaner.
If others are having this problem, please report it so it can get figured out!! We are all losing $$$ when sales are good this time of year!!!
i am having the most frustrating problem! This site will not allow me to type in the "details" area... its driving me crazy! and then when a miracle happens and it allows me to .. once i click the schedule listing tab it erases it and tells me i need to fill it in again! then it wont let me! IM GOING CRAZY! just needed to sound off =) but if anyone knows why this is happnening PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
I'm having problems too. I was trying to update a custom template but it would never take changes after saving. I deleted it and created a new one which temporarily fixed the problem but then my first line of code kept dissappearing. Then I tried creating a new listing with my custom template, but when you saved the listing and went back into it for more edits, the template dissappeared. So I just created a new listing, copying & pasting my HTML code from notepad. My first line of code kept dissappearing also after saving. I finally got that fixed but now the preview doesn't match whats in my design view. ack.
I'm also having problems too when I click on a different tab it takes me back to the sine in screen even though I have remember me checked. I also cleared my cookies to see if it would take care of the first code line that keeps dissappearing whenever I flip from design view to HTML. That did not fix the problem. I don't buy the cookie conspiracy theory. This is the only web app I use that keeps insisting it's my cookies. Too many reports of similar oddities from others.
BTW - the clear your cache was the first thing we were always told to do over at the other place and NO it doesn't always solve the problems.

Sometimes, but when a bunch of people are having the same problem its usually something more. Plus clear your cache isn't supposed to be done daily in order for a something to work correctly.
I don't buy the cookie conspiracy theory. This is the only web app I use that keeps insisting it's my cookies. Too many reports of similar oddities from others.

Clearing cache and cookies have solved many problems; it is the first step in troubleshooting. If the problem is not solved you move on, but, it is a necessary first step.
Try using IE outside of AOL
In other words do not use the browser in AOL as I think that might be causing this and it's pretty easy to find out by using IE6.

Now, second option is install firefox from getfirefox.com

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I just confirmed AOL is doing weird things in their built in browser. I never use it so I could not make auctiva sign me out. So I signed onto AOL and bam, I got what some are reporting.
Now IF you're using AOL9 as your browser than try what I just mentioned
If you're using IE6 and do not use AOL let us know so we can look deeper
But so far I see a issue with AOLs browser

I'm on IE6 OS is Win XP. Broadband satellite connection. Don't use AOL. I was having this problem continually yesterday. Just got on today so we'll see. Thnx.
Thanks, good to know that. For now I do know AOL causes this behavior for me.
I have never seen it with IE6 though outside of AOL

The engineers might be able to make heads or tales of this.

Hi Ed, just to update it just took me back to the sine in screen. So I am still having this problem on IE6 outside of AOL.

Also, do you guys publish reports on your server traffic? I sure would like to know when the highest hits occur.


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