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Hi wyattco,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. The only current issue I am aware of that would prevent you from using the older description editor that is enabled within your account is a conflict between that version of the description editor and the Internet Explorer 10.0 browser, so I suspect that is the cause of this behavior.

Provided you are indeed encountering this issue when using the Internet Explorer 10.0 browser, you should be able to work around the issue by updating your account to use the newer editor we have available (called the Design Editor 2.0) or by using an alternate browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

If you would like to update your account to use our latest editor, just mouse over the “My Account” tab within your account, select the “Acct Preferences” option under “Settings”, check the box next to “Use Design Editor v2.0” in the Listing Enhancements section and then click the “Update Account Preferences” button below.

We have actually been working to phase out the older description editor that is currently enabled in your account for a while and, as a result, it would not be possible to go back to using that version of the editor if you were to update your account to use the newer one.

If you would prefer to continue using the older version of the description editor and you do not have Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome installed on your computer, you can download either of them at no cost from the following sites:

Mozilla Firefox: http://www,
Google Chrome:

I see that you already received associated with this issue based on the support request you filed on the subject, but I was inclined to add this information to this thread as well in case anyone else who is encountering similar difficulties comes across this discussion.

Hello wyattco

There unfortunately are several issues with Auctiva's compatibility with IE 10 in general. It is not an issue with the old editor. In fact the old editor has less all around issues and better features which do not exist in the newer editor.

Your best bet for now is to just use firefox temporarily until everything is working....and keep the old editor as long as you can.

Hope that helps.

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