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Hi, I'm quite new at this discussion board stuff, so any assistance would be great!

I have a customized template I use for almost all my auctions. But I have created many different shipping options to use for different items. Today, when I was listing, all but one of my shipping options is gone (under the "Select Seller Details) pull down menu).

Are they just gone, or have they moved somewhere new?

Thanks for any and all help!
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Thanks HawkMan,

I have not heard anything from Auctiva Support, so I suppose I'll be forming all my Shipping Details, etc. in Word for back up.

Although, when I was trying to list yesterday, I did not notice a create or modify option in the Shipping Details. Did I miss something? Is there a new location to add that information?

Thanks again for all your help!

Hi hrffan and HawkMan -

In our recent 1.5 release, the old "ship/pay details" converted to a more robust system called "Seller Details".

On the "Profiles" landing page, you will see the new section on Seller Details. You can click on the Help icon right in that box for more information, but I will summarize here.

Basically, Seller Details makes it possible to leave info in 1-5 major categories: Shipping, Payment, About Us, Terms of Service and Contact Us. You can create and save as many versions and combinations of this info as you need. Then when you select a template a drop down appears on the lister page to the right of the template you chose. You can pick the Seller Details profile you would like to have show up on your template.
**Seller Details is only available for use with templates!

Any ship/pay details you had created prior to 1.5 were to be converted and saved into the Seller Details for you. Check there to see if that happened. If not, that is where you would add your info to create new Seller Details.

I hope that clarifies things a bit Smile

Thanks -

Thanks Cara,

I tried again. I lost all my old details so I created a new batch for my shipping details. However, I'm still having 2 problems:

1) Details are not showing up in my template, even when selected.
2) The last paragraph of my Description section moves to the middle of the listing, as well as the store window showing up in the payment section.

Now, I did go and check my custom template. I deleted the store window tag as well as the shipping tag and input the shipping details tag again. I previewed and saved - all looks well on the template.

When I go to my listing, I reselect my custom template and then reselected my shipping details (the options show up in the drop down menu to the right of the template section).

Alas, still no luck when it goes to list. My shipping details are just not showing up! I'm at a loss as to what to do next. Any assistance is really appreciated!

Best regards,
Hi hrffan,

If you are using a custom template, you will need to insert tags to tell us where you want your seller details to be displayed in the template. There is a seperate tag for each section: [CONTACT_US], [ABOUT_ME], [TERMS_OF_SALE], [PAYMENT], and [SHIPPING].

Not all of these tags have to be present in your template, just the sections that you want to show up in your listing.

Note that the old [SHIP_PAY_DETAILS] tag is no longer available. Any templates that were using this tag will still work, but will treat this tag like the [TERMS_OF_SALE] tag instead.

If you are including this tag in your templates, make sure that the information in your Seller Details is entered into the Terms of Sale section or it won't show up in the listing.

Hope that helps,
Auctiva David

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