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Any help would be sooooo wonderful!
I decided to try a new template. I listed 9 items. Two listings on eBay appeared correct while the other 7 were too wide. I contacted support and was given an answer that didn't solve the problem completely. This AM I switched to a different template trying to end the frustration. I'm using the same text with a few changes. Guess what....this new template is also too wide. Support says they are awaiting my response to their solution but I've never received a new email from them. Now I can't list anything due to this wide template problem.
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Hi! I can't post a link because I manually corrected the active ones on eBay and they are fine. I prepared one this AM but didn't list it because of the on going problem.

Support told me the steps to take to eliminate a long series of continuous letters that would shrink the template to proper size. But I had to do it as I mentioned above.

I found my image under "saved" and clicked on the little html icon and a box opened up with the html. I found the long thread there and manually deleted it again. But when I checked the "preview" it was still too wide. Must still have more to remove.

Sounds like the bottom line is how do I permanently eliminate that offending line? OR, do I have to start from scratch and create my listing info. again. But if I do have to do that will the same problem exist?

I would also like to know why it is in there to begin with. Is it something I did? If so I was hoping to learn how the problem was created so that I can avoid it again. Thanks so much for trying to help me.
Hi Pink,

Our templates are made to stretch to fit whatever size they need to be to accommodate the information people would like in their listings. Some people don't mind horizontal scroll (!) but most people don't like it. The stretching also helps keep templates from breaking, which everyone hates. Unfortunately, this ability means that when there is HTML that is improper, the template stretches.

The majority of improper HTML is caused by people using HTML editors like FrontPage and the like. If you use the editor on our One Page Lister to create your listing descriptions, I can almost guarantee that your template stretching problems will go away.

Try that and let me know how it works out. Someone on the design team can always help you figure out what is going on if that doesn't work!

Hope that helps!
That's it I think 8880-- I've noticed that my horizontal scroll had to be used on some of my auctions--- I always thought that it was just because, being the seller, for some reason it appeared different to me than other ebayers!!


On all the templates that have the decsription to the side- you have to horizontal scroll to see either the text or the pics (depending on which side either is on!)
Hello, I've had a similar problem on two or three different Auctiva templates... not customized... just using straight canned templates. In two different instances the background wallpaper of the template didn't come through. In several other instances I found that some templates produce a scroll text but, photos are in order as selected. I have two auctions running on Ebay right now that are messed up... one no wallpaper and on the other you have to scroll to Europe to read text... FYI: I'm using and have always used the Auctiva description editor. Could some PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS PROBLEM??? I hate scrolling and I hate that I took a great deal of time just to pick out a certain template and then I get nothing but black and white... I will be forever grateful for some help!! Thank you, Lee

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