I have a selling ID and a buying ID.

The listign I made was sent to the wrong ID.

I have never used that ID on this site either.

I cannot find out how to change what seems to be a default ID here.

I can cancel the auction on that ID. Grrrr. If I dont my buyers will not get any combined ship advantages.

Please how do I change the ebay ID on this site?

I have looked everywhere to find out how and cannot find it at all.
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Can anyone help me please?

I have no idea what is going on and how this defaulted to an ID I do not sell on at all!!!!!!.

Did I waste money signing up for the fifteen auctions that I cannot use?

I do not understand. I was paying a bill to list on another ID, but had not listed for several months due to illness.

I have no choice but to cancel the auction on the Id this sent it to.

And what really puzzles me, is the ID that the auction was sent to, I have never used Auctiva with it, ever. I know I already mentioned that, but why did it do that yesterday?

But I can not until this gets taken care of.
Did you try contacting the customer support? You must've created a token for the wrong id at some point, otherwise I think it's impossible to send a auction to Ebay if you don't have token for it. If you look at your auctiva My Account Ebay settings, that will show you which id you have linked.

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