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do i understand the workings of the find and replace feature properly? the dilemma is:

we have had a listing removed due to 'violation of EB listing policies ' as far as i know, as they haven't come back to me yet - because i watermarked the pitures with text of our website - not a link just text -

so . . . can i go into the listing, take out the pitures, replace the, re-save them and then use find and replace to re-list them? is that how it works or have i got the wrong idea?

thanks in advance

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Deleting an image and readding would change the link URL name. That would require replacing the images in stored listings and a revise of a listing at eBay to change the URL, et. al. (not that easy if it's also got supersizing).

Normally, when you select Replace button, the upper portion of the page reloads with a Select Image box, etc. Without doing a code check, I'd guess that runs with a script. Do you have scripting enabled? Which browser are you using?

Update: You said "bottom", look at page top after using either the top or bottom Replace button.


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