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I'd like to invite ALL users of Auctiva in for a meet and greet. (not just the sparedollar migrators)

Hi, I'm Donna and I've been selling online since 98. (the first year I used my husbands ID but got tired of him getting my feedback) I'm from the Warm and Steamy State of Florida. Married for 26 (soon to be 27 years) to the same man and mother to his three precious gifts to me.

Come one, Come all...introductions please.

My link is in my signature!

Take care, Donna
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Happy birthday Elissa! Congrats on your anniversary Donna, that is a long time! Smile I am David (if you didn't notice). I work for Auctiva so I am forced to love it here Wink I have noticed that buying and selling on eBay is pretty addicting! It's great! One thing I really want to buy right now... PASTA! mmmm... does anyone sell pasta on eBay? Smile
I'm just in from high school Friday night football.

PHEW! 10,000+ turn out. SOLD OUT!
And yes, we're still #1 ranked in the nation.

Time for my beauty sleep!
Thanks for the smile HG!
David pasta? Homemade? Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Elissa? Nice to meet you...C'mon and jump in with us. I have many friends that are teachers and family members..noble profession.

Speaking of noble professions, gotta end the eBay'ing for the evening.

Hey Donna don't you have some pasta recipies for David?

Oh BTW - for those that don't know me . . .

Been selling on ebay for seveal years now and currently have two ID's one for clothing and one for lingerie.

I'm 36 and married for 10yrs with two wonderful boys that I homeschool. Before being a Mom I used to teach preschool.

I also live in FL down south from Donna on the gulf coast. My DH has a Charter Boat so if anyone ever heads this way give us a hollar Wink
Originally posted by swimordie:

I am Elissa, 23 on Sunday and I live in soCal. Ive been selling for a little over a month now. I am currently just selling to get rid of Disney Pins that I spent waaay too much money on. I just got my teaching credential last June and am currently subbing looking for a 5th/6th grade position. Oh and I do love it here Big Grin

Hi Elissa. Ex teacher here! Used to teach middle school English, as well as computers, typing, newspaper, spelling bee, just about everything. Are teaching jobs as scarce in California as they are here in Minnesota? Good luck with your job search!

Teachers are an undervalued commodity in our society. My younger sister still teaches fifth grade and I truly admire her. I just couldn't ever go back, though. It just ate up so much of my time. Try grading over 100 writing papers! (My younger sister, however, manages time better and is a teaching whiz!)
Hi Annkate.

Actually teaching jobs aren't that scarce because of all the hoops we have to jump through in ca. We have the CBEST, RICA, and CSET testing to deal with...NCLB...and all other crazy CA stuff. Focus walls, etc. I just was being picky this year Smile

Wow you sure have done many things Smile

Its also great to meet all of you all! I just got back online since it was my bday this weekend and I was busy!!

Subbing is scary. New kid on the block every day. Minnesota teaching jobs are always scarce. I think it's because we have pretty high pay here, good education system, including colleges. I think a lot of people who go to school here stay here. Even years ago teaching positions were scarce. Elementary applications were 1,000 applicants per opening, 800 or more for secondary positions. That was back in the 80's and 90's when I was in the field. Now, with education cutbacks, teacher cuts, I can't imagine there's many positions.
It truly is disheartening. You want to know what else is disheartening? The lack of parent involvement in their child's education. I never had a single student who failed because he/she couldn't understand the material. The only reason students failed with me was because they didn't complete their work. Students didn't respect their education and parents didn't either. Parents need to promote education at home.
Yeah my parents weren't exactly thrilled when I said I wanted to be a teacher. I was top five of my class with a 4.1 GPA and they thought I was wasting it on a job that doesn't pay well. However, as people know, its a calling. Ive always known thats what I wanted to do. Too bad they don't pay us better. I mean without us what would the future be like?
The actual teaching is wonderful. I remember the pride of reading my students' writings, seeing many published even. They were so proud. I do miss that part. I miss working with the students. But teaching and the students became my life. I became too emotionally involved. I can never allow another job or career to become the focus of my life, and perhaps that's why it's best I don't go back to teaching.
i'm afraid things are gonna get worse in the main areas of life in the usa....yes parents today are NOT raising their kids... and this in time is the downfall.... why aren't they raising their kids???.. the 1930's are back... the robber barons in control again....wages have been lowered to help the robber barons..and now americans are over worked and over stressed and at the SAME time being dumded down so the people won't know the cause but getting dumded down in time destroys.. how can parents raise kids today when they have been dumded down...
I'm not sure who you mean by the robber barons, big business or gangs? The 1930s certainly had gangsters, which I think were a bit different than today's gangs. Years ago a community raised a child. Extended family, neighbors were all involved. Why? Mainly because resources were scarce. A nuclear family really couldn't make it alone. Today we all have independent resources and we are told to be independent from the day we are born. But that's just not logical. Sometimes we all need help. And sometimes it's difficult raising children even with two parents in the household, let along a single parent.

But we no longer have that sense of community, that reliance on family and neighbors. When I was growing up, we knew all our neighbors, everyone was there for everyone else. We actually depended on one another for our day to day existence. A wife was sick in the hospital, no problem, a neighbor made sure the kids were fed and sent off to school. An aunt or an uncle needed a break from a disabled child, no problem--someone was always there to help out.

Now I know few of my neighbors, and would I ever leave a child with them? No, because I don't know them.

And I actually believe we are smarter than ever. Overworked and overstressed? Yes, definately. But America was built on the philosophy of success, gaining wealth and prestige. Why did my immigrant grandparents come to this country? They were seeking a better life, i.e., success and, if not wealth, a better living. It's all about the American dream, a single family home with two cars in the garage and all the extras.

We are a nation built on the dreams of immigrants--a better way of life. But that dream has mutated into material wealth, getting more and more things. But I wonder...what's really important in life?

When I'm on my death bed, are my last words going to be about my ever loyal SUV or about something else, some memory, some person?

America may have some problems, yes, but would I ever want to live in any other country? No, never...
I think america's founders were the wisest of the wise.......made laws to protect ..WE THE PEOPLE.... and fought the principle of the wealth and power with the FEW, the kings of england..... but soon afterwards their system was changed to become who they were fighting against and new laws were made to help the robber barons few.... these found out what science knows about people and changed the wise founders laws with these in order to help the few robber barons...

actually if american family had left for canada right before the civil war they would have been better off.. avoided the phoney civil war that killed millions... and many other wars and would have avoided so much harm to the native americans... avoided the biggest pain of the great depression where usa let the robber barons harm so much... now this is back..

in 1960 americans life span was 13th best in the world.. and in 2000 down to 26th best and this is with the worlds biggest advantage of the best resources... life span is directly related to happiness.... happiness boosts ones immune system and gives a longer life... so life span and happiness pretty much the same..

i think its wise to keep an open mind...and especially check life span stats to compare countrys...i think canadas life spn is 3 yrs longer than americans and with global warming coming and world hate on america, i think its wise to think about canada....albert einstein explained what caused americas severe great depression, also he explained the PROBLEMS with education...wise people should look for any advice eisntein gave.... but of course j edgar hoover followed him like a hawk and no telling what all einstein tried to help is with...

check the taxation of the great 1950's and today.... this will tell whats going on .... usa had a short period at that time where we went back to WE THE PEOPE principle... but now thats over and back to the robber barons!!
in the past the robber barons had a harder time dumbing down the population to fool to help themselves.... today with all the communication sources the robber barons are in hog heaven... now they can brainwash like never before....

bill moyers gave a great talk when he left the media..... public broadcasting non profit info to people now is pretty much gone... all info to people now is totally controlled by the robber barons..... any information that would hurt the robber barons will not get out.... like the americans life span worst than any industrialized country.... this info getting out would cause great harm for the robber barons..and any other info that could harm the robber barons also would not get out.... best to get ones news elsewhere especially where the life span is very high in a country.... this tells alot about the govt..
It really is a shame. When I was teaching preschool I started at min wage which was $5.15 I think. In the 8 years I taught I was only up to $7.50 when I left.

I had a 2 yr degree in Early Childhood Education plus there was always more hrs required each year to stay current by HRS standards. Fingerprints, FBI background checks, physicals - there was always something that required extra time and money. And not to mention the money out of my own pocket spent on supplies.

I loved those kids but after having my own it just didn't make sense to pay someone to take care of mine while I spend my day taking care of others!
yes, we like to think we are free and making our OWN decisions..... but the robber barons has done a number on americans and got them to fight for issues that are really for the robber barons... but us americans THINK its our own... this is how all this has been done...

but when clinton and gore pushed thru nafta and gatt to lower wages to help the robber barons and when mary matalin george bush's sr campaign manager married james carville the demo clinton campaign manager... these things SHOULD have waken up all americans to know both parties are the same and working for ONE PARTY.... the robber barons..... they have SOME differences to satisfy us in thinking there are 2 parties...

but the media NOT explaining the difference in life span stats of americans and other industrialized countrys makes it clear they are using the news to help the robber barons... some even uses reverse pshychology making us think the media is run by the opposites of the robber barons..... always follow the money.... who owns the media???
Hi, I am Brande. I started in ebay about a year ago. My mother was selling at a flea market and I joined with her. Well, I got of being there every weekend, so I came to ebay. My mother and I do ebay together. It is great for a mother daughter relationship. We shop about once a week together on an average and we talk many times a day on the phone. Professionally, I am a nurse. I hurt my back in June and have not been able to work. I never realized how much the extra ebay money came in handy until now. I am 31 years old, married for 5 years, and have 3 children. I am very involved with my kids education. I am the room mom for one of my childrens classroom, and help out as much as I can in my other childrens classroom. I was also a Girl Scout leader for 2 years. I chose not to do it this year because of the parents. I got so frustrated with it. The girls would follow the rules, but not the parents!
i think i read some place where what brought down greece was INDIVIDUALISM.......sad to say i think that is happening to most of the world with democracy....iF we ALL were the same TYPE then individualism democracy will work... but science clearly shows us that we are not....i think the robber barons caught on how to get richer and set up this individualism....AGAINST the NATURAL DESIGN...

parents today have been taught individualism by the robber barons who fools them to get richer...usa is about the worst doing this.. but many countrys also have this too but just not as bad...

proof on how this does not work.... would a military be strongest with individualism democracy??? of course NOT !! would a corporation make the most profits with individualism democracy??? of course NOT !!!

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