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Hi everyone,

This morning we released the new, mobile-responsive and active content-free eBay Listing Templates, which means you now have access to over 250 new and unique eBay Listing Template designs. Be sure to sign into your Auctiva account and check them out!

Here are the details of the new Listing Templates:
  • 250+ unique eBay Listing Template designs are available.
  • All designs are 100% mobile-responsive and active content-free.
  • There's a wide range of professional, seasonal, themed and customizable designs.
  • An easy to use Template Selector that's located right on the Auctiva One-page Lister.
  • Plus, now you can "favorite" which templates you like best for easy access!

Quick Tip:
If you'd like to easily add these new Listing Templates to your Saved Listings in bulk you can! Here's how to do it:
  • From Auctiva's Saved Listing page, select all of the listings you would like to apply a new template to.
  • Click the "Advanced Edit" button at the top of the page.
  • In the Advanced Edit window, click the Field drop down menu and select "Listing Template".
  • Select "All" for Find Listing Template.
  • Then, click the "Select Template" button to choose the new template you'd like to use.
  • Once you've selected the new template, click "Continue" on the Advanced Edit window.
  • Review the changes and click "Confirm Selected Listings".
  • Once the update is complete, a confirmation message will display reflecting the updates–then click "Done".
  • Now when you post those Saved Listings they'll be using the new Listing Template you selected Smile

Also please note:
Because many customized listing templates contained active content, they have not been automatically transferred over into the new template selector–but don’t worry! You can access all of your custom templates from the "Management" page and if you would like them to be available in the new template selector, just copy the HTML and create a new custom template.

I hope you all enjoy the new Listing Templates and if you have any questions about them just contact us, we're glad to help.


Product Manager

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Hello abridav,

You should be able to use the optional eBay gallery images with the new templates just as you could with the prior templates. We are not aware of an issue such as you have described using the new templates.

If you look at one of your items using the eBay app, you should see the optional eBay gallery images with your image when you first bring up the listing, but to see the template you would need to tap on Seller Description to see the full description with the template you selected. Those same images and the template itself should show as usual on a full system when you check the listing at eBay.

It is unclear what may have occurred for you and we will need the specifics of what occurs and an example we can look into to assist you further with this. Please file a support case with the steps you take (in order if possible) to create a listing where this occurs and a sample of the results you describe so we can investigate what you've run into.

- Craig
Wow, really? I have tyo copy over 30 custom templates by hand in order to be able to carry them over. It's bad enough i have to search tyhe forums to find out about this and even worse that you penalize all users of custom templates with this clumsy workaround in order to capture the minority who have active content in their templates. What about just letting eBay deal with it on an individual basis. Unlike Auctiva, they have been mailing warning to users that active contect would be turned off in June. I can't belive this is happening, on one of the few days I have to dedicate to listing.

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