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I just got this :

Everyone receiving this invitation is one of the thousands of people who showed interest in and support for our desire to provide a real and lasting online auction alternative.

As many of you know, we made just about every mistake possible during our first launch, and the original Wagglepop was closed just a week after its initial debut.

On a personal note, I cannot express enough how deeply saddened I was at that time by our inability to provide what so many of you had supported, and what we had promised. The many supportive emails we received subsequent to our closing served not only to punctuate our belief that an online auction alternative was needed, but that our resolve to accomplish such a task needed to be stronger and more dedicated.

Ultimately, as founder of Wagglepop, I accept all responsibility for the failure of our initial attempt. I also offer my sincerest apology to all who supported us, promoted us, and believed in us. Not a single day has gone by since that I have not worked to honor your faith in the idea of Wagglepop, and to bring a new version to market that is everything you expect and deserve.

This invitation and the new version of Wagglepop are the fulfillment of that promise from a little over one year ago.

We are confident we have made all of the adjustments necessary to provide a viable alternative marketplace by consulting and contracting with industry experts in both the hardware and software departments, and feel confident that we have created a site that is not only viable, but offers some exciting and innovative features not found anywhere else.

Features like the Red Carpet Customer Program, Buy More Now, DynamicDiscounts, and Wagglepop Stores featuring BusinessBuilder are just a few of the features or ideas that we think can help change the ways in which buyers and sellers trade, and build relationships.

We think you'll find Wagglepop to be familiar in the ways that you've come to like and expect, yet fresh and exciting in the ways that count most.

The new Wagglepop is a 100% trust-based community, and requires no financial information to participate as a seller or buyer.

We would be honored if you would visit us at to learn more about Wagglepop, and further honored to have you as a member.

Wagglepop is for everyone who believed, and believes still, that it is possible to take a stand, and make a difference.

Together, we can change everything.

- Raymond M. Romeo
CEO - Wagglepop
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I have been scouring the internet looking for "talk" of a resurrection.


I tried to read the forums..nada without signing up. I did an advanced search for suthrnjewl..hoping that my old record would've been saved and moved over. Timed out and I'm sure it's to the number of persons clicking on the site.

Most auction seller forums that I belong to are freely talking about the return of WP....still I'm not sure.

I hope the supposed resurrection of WP doesn't turn up smelling like yesterday's dirty diaper.

Do the powers that be at Auctiva have any inside info?

I did a WHOIS lookup for information. The site is paid up till 2011. I don't know if that means anything..but..<sigh> I then looked at the headers on the email from them...nothing out of the ordinary. I'll check IP on everything later.

It would be nice, however...ya just never know!

Same feeling here Danielle.

It's nice to see that he's trying to make a "comeback", but it might be too little, too late.

When Wagglepop first came on the scene, I was all gungho for it to succeed. Unfortunately, many of us were. All premature hype, many, including myself were making labels and putting them on packages and talking to whoever would listen to get the word out. When it flopped, it was a smack in the face, but a lesson was learned.

I am not in the least bit eager to jump on the WP bandwagon again.

I hope that the word will get out and that WP will grow, but until that time, you can count me out.
WOW..!!!!!!WEEEEEEEEe..... I am PUMPED!!!!!!

hope wagglepop is prepared now to handle the sabatogue that the competitors do like last time... ebay will have the most hired guns to destroy any possible good site.. and if ebaay can't destroy then they will bring bags full of money and buy off...alot of people working hard to help a site grow and get themselves making money will alot of times wake up to all lost cause ebay just bought the owner out... I would think many start ups knows they can get big bucks from ebay just by making a site work right.. so thats why we need to know how strong the owner would be against the big bucks from ebay..

but I AM SO PUMPED NOW>>>>> weeeeeeeeeeee
WOW!!!!! bout to pop and explode at same time.... weee peee weeee.... WOW!!!
So, I was looking on Wagglepop today after seeing this post to inform myself about it as I did not get on the bandwagon the first time so I know little about it.
Under registering for WP, there is this blurb:
"Note: To complete registration, you will need to enter a valid email address that you can check immediately. Your email address used for registration MUST be provided by your ISP or a domain that you control. "Free" email accounts are not allowed."
Does anyone else find that odd? I use a free MSN account because my provider's (Roadrunner)email service is actually blocked on my hubbys work computer here at home for security reasons. I wanted to get my own domain name anyhow but I just thought this was a little odd. Maybe it is just me. I know the importance of being quick to answer emails and the ability to receive them in a timely fashion (past the spam blocker)but I have never had a problem with either of these issues. Maybe it is just me.
"Note: To complete registration, you will need to enter a valid email address that you can check immediately. Your email address used for registration MUST be provided by your ISP or a domain that you control. "Free" email accounts are not allowed."

Well that leaves me out, I've never used my isp email. In the 8 or 9 years I've been on line I have ALWAYS used "free" email. I've had the same provider for 3+ years and heck if I even know what my email addy even is, lol.
The more I read, the more I find this all too weird. Read some of the other forums. I'm not even going to register, I don't feel comfortable giving out my info at this time.

I may be over reacting but what if this is all a scam? Some wacko hacked the old site and thinks this is funnier then heck?

You never know, stranger things have happened. But for now I'm just reading and watching the show!
Well, I decided to jump in and at least register.

I wanted to reserve my selling ID that's scattered about every legitemate selling site on the internet.

Try it anyway with a free email address..betcha it goes through. (at least I KNOW of one persons that went through) <wink>

Loved WP the first time around and I would hope I'd love the second time.

I'm being cautious..I'm not uploading anything to sell until I hear from others that I trust that the site hasn't been hacked into.

Differing opinions around the net as to yes, this is the same person and/or nope..could be that the site was hacked into.

At least my name(s) are reserved in case I move forward.

The email verification was at my email address literally within two seconds at MOST!'s not odd in regards to the free email accounts. I can't remember which selling service I was with at the time, but I'm almost positive it's Bidville or Overstock that wouldn't let me use a free one.

My reasoning with the company (and I believe it's bidville) is...who can be certain if I'm going to be using my isp this time next month much less a year down the road. I plan on using road runner that long..but if a better deal opens doors for me, I'm there. And there goes that isp email address which I refuse to use and another ISP email address will be in it's place. Whereas I've been using this address..******** for years and years and even more years. I also told them to check eBay and the internet. I'm there and have been there for ages.

They checked with eBay and (i.e., checked out my auctions on eBay) they approved me with my free email address within moments. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask in a nice way if they'll make an exception.

I believe it's called CYA (I'm acronym challenged most of the time, cover your arse) for the auction/selling sites.

Take care, Donna
"Note: To complete registration, you will need to enter a valid email address that you can check immediately. Your email address used for registration MUST be provided by your ISP or a domain that you control. "Free" email accounts are not allowed."

I think this is because WagglePop is NOT taking credit card info this time around. That was a major concern for people earlier and Ray is making a point of not keeping billing info on file.

Ebay requires a credit card on file (for identity reasons, I guess) if you are using an "anonymous" email address. IMHO this leads to more bouncing AOL email addys from people signing up who don't have a CC and don't keep using AOL...

I've had the same ISP for years but rarely use my ISP email. I used to use it for ebay, but it's a pain because I could only check it on my home computer. I monitor my "free" accounts from anywhere. (I know there are ways to monitor the ISP emails that way too, but free accts are easier.)
Originally posted by SandysBTQ:
Have ALL of you rec'd this e-mail? I didn't. I liked WP, it was easy to use. I even had a few transactions before it quit.

Check your junk folder, most people I know found it there Wink

I had sold items also last time around. I even had a special wagglepop template I made as was selling.

Electronic/emailed items sold great because peeps were trying to build up their feedback right away and were buying the cheep emailable items!

I'm not jumping in this time, the risk isn't worth the few dollars and my time. Lesson learned!
But didn't someone else say that it was just caused by someone checking the system? I mean, it wasn't verified that I could see.

I've signed up with them, but will hold off for a day or two before I do anything there. I wasn't in on the first go around, so I can't prejudge the guy. I heard that sometime around June 15th will be the official announcement of the re-grand opening.

Does anyone know whether or not Auctiva will work there?

Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
Be careful there are already reports of shill bidding.

The ebay Store Boards are all busy talking about it.

I'm laying low. I mainly wanted to reserve my name(s) so no one else would grab them.

Take care, Donna

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