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THANK YOU Smile THANK YOU for getting eBay Motors Catagories up and going. As I usually sell classic automotive parts and accessories I've been waiting!

I went to post my first ad this morning . . . used the 'Browse' option to select catagory, which your software did quite well . . . however when I go to Post

(~which was doing quite well this morning, also~)

this eBay Motors listing I get "The Specified Catagory is Invalid" Error box and my listing won't post. Am I doing something wrong . . . or will this just be an early stage bug thing?

Everything has been very quick and functional this morning though . . . my compliments!
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I tried Posting the listing again a couple more times this afternoon and still go the same error message.

The last time I tried to post - just now . . . I got the same red error window, but this time the message read:

"The following 1 listing (s) was unable to post because they did not pass validation and need to be edited before posting"

Meaning what? Just a polite way of telling me that my catagory was invalid, or are we making progress here?

Will keep trying . . . thanks for help!

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