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What is this I have this keep poping up in my desk top and never had it before? This copy of Windows is not genuine

My computer came with windows XP and i have the disk why am i getting this after 4 years of owning this computer I have not changed nothing?
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Could this be a phony site and they are looking for sensitive info from you (like your CC # to buy "genuine microsoft" downloads? I am thinking it is spyware/adware or whatever it is called especially if it keeps "popping up" like that.

I would run some anti-spyware programs and the like to try and get rid of it. I would not click on any links on that site. Maybe also go to the actual and email them to see if this is a spoof.

Just because the popup is gone, that doesn't mean the problem is gone. If this was a genuine WinXP message, you will not be able to receive security updates for Windows anymore.

You need to contact Microsoft support to find out what the deal is. FYI, just because your computer came with WinXP installed and you have a disc, that does not mean that it is necessarily genuine. Many dishonest dealers have sold computers with pirated copies of WinXP software. I'm not saying that this is the case with you, but you should not discount the possibility without talking to Microsoft first.
Originally posted by jasorn:
Just another reason to switch to linux. I think Microsoft is on a mission to make everyone switch.

I'm seriously considering installing all Linux onto my laptop (it's an older model) and deleting Windows...EEEK! <smile>

It works fine with Auctiva, right?

You like?

Any downfalls for me to watch for.

Thanks, Donna
Again...from what I've read...the main complaint has been something like this one: Person buys a computer and feels that everything is just fine, Genuine Advantage update installs, person is now stuck reading the message that their copy of the OS is not genuine even though they know that it is...

Some of the other complaints were about the usuage of the term "Genuine Advantage"... Like, what kind of "Advantage" is it to have to spend hours on the phone to get their legit copy of Windows recognized by MS...

Just because you bought a computer that has WinXP preinstalled, that does not mean that the computer builder didn't use an illegal copy. It's done quite often. Sellers can save quite a bit of money by not including a genuine copy with every computer they sell. Even the install CDs are often copied and given to the consumer (printed like a legitimate copy to make it look real).

If the computer is from a well known maker like Dell or HP, I'd be on the phone with them within seconds demanding that they resolve the issue. If the seller is an independent store, I'd first contact MS to verify if the copy is legit or not, and if not, I'd cancel the credit card that I used to buy it, then contact the seller demanding an authentic copy, and threaten to turn them into Microsoft if they don't comply.
Originally posted by biscuit:
Just because you bought a computer that has WinXP preinstalled, that does not mean that the computer builder didn't use an illegal copy. It's done quite often.

That happened to a friend of mine.

A family friend of her's had a kid in college and he was making extra money that summer building computers. So she had him build her one for the family room.

She had troubles witin a couple of months with the Windows software doing the zact same thing.

She asked me to come over and fix it. Uhhh, ok, I'll come see what I can do.

I told her that I believed he used pirated XP software and she should get with the kid to buy her a legitemate copy. (I remember the good ole days where you could just pass around your Windows software when anyone had a problem <sigh>Wink

She called the kid and asked. His reply, Yes m'am I did, I'm sorry I'll fix it when I come home this weekend.

She said, No sir young man, if you don't want me to call your Mom and Dad, I'd better have a registered new in the package XP at my door within 48 hours. He immediately got onto Best Buy site bought her a copy and told her to go to the store and pick it would be waiting. (which it was)

They both learned a lesson.

Good advice Biscuit.

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