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I'll try n keep this short.
I have items on eBay using one of the many to choose from templates. I figured out how to customize it.
Now as you know when you have listing on eBay you automaticly get a auctiva store. Well here's my problem.
#1 How come the templates are very few.
#2 Does the store have the scrolling gallery?
#3 I'm using the flame template & for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change the text color,because the text color there now.SUCKS.
In other words where can I edit the Auctive Store Templates
This is the link to the store

You can see the text under the items if you strain your eyes.

Looks like I have to do a customize on a template.That toke searching for ever to find out
BTW Why is there a dark blue background & black text on the forums. Why isn't it more color friendly light grey/black for example
Why is this software so stupidly slow at loading anything. It's ridiculous

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Hi TIA Mel,

We have very few store templates because they are still a fairly new product. There will be more coming soon! Unlike our templates, our stores are not customizable, the code is too complex and they do not include the scrolling gallery.

I am not sure why the text would be black, exactly where are you seeing this? The text all should be and looks white to me.

Hi Chrstal
Thanks for your reply.
I have since change the store template to a brighter one.
The first store was named Flames & it was a black background with dark red text making it very hard to see the auction details. The next problem as just popped regarding the submitting one of my auctions. its an API error??.
I dont know why its doing it ?. I have other listings just like it & no problem uploading to ebay


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