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Howdy All
Within the last 30 days I have moved over here from Ink Frog, so I am kinda in a learning curve here. So here is my question....

When a regular auction would close without a bidder at inkfrog I could pull it up through the closed auction page, edit if I wished or move it directly to my ebay store.

So How can I move closed listings into the store without recreating the original listing?

Thanks for your help and Merry Christmas to all
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There are two things you can do to put the closed auction into your eBay store. If you still have the original listing in your saved listing page, you can click on the title which will take you to the new listings page populated with the listing information. From there you can click the button Sale Type button create a Store Item and edit your listing before you post. This will put the listing in your eBay store. If you do not have the original listing, you can select the closed listing and hit "Import Listing". This will create a new listing as imported from eBay. From there, follow the steps above and select the title on the saved listings page. Click the Sale Type button to create a Store Item and edit the listing. It will then post in your eBay store.

- DanTheMn19

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