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Seeing how feebay likes its fees so much I say we let them have some fees of their own..

Instead of boycotting eBay just keep a 0.00 balance with them via making daily credit card payments on your account.

Keep in mind that Discover Card and Amex have some of the highest rates going.

Using your paypal credit or debit card will NOT do the job you must use a NON eBay company credit card when making such payments.

Daily payments = 30 monthly payments and 30 transaction fees that eBay will have to pay for.



Stop feeding the Bull
-------------------------- Dsouth I List at and Not eBay because I like my money in my pocket instead of ebays. - I earn Cash back on almost ALL of my Online purchases at and it's 100% free.
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Originally posted by JeffS:
What makes you so sure they don't have volume agreements with these companies, and don't pay the same fess (or any fees) like a merchant does when we use our credit card?

Show me just one merchant that gets a no fee deal with the credit card companies, I bet you can't do it.

If Ebay had such a sweet deal with the credit card companies then they would have no need for paypal.

Even if ebay did get a cut rate, their costs would still go up, merchant account or not.

Payment transactions and gateway volume could increase by 30 fold yet no increase in revenue.

This would even have a huge effect on server load.
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Hi everyone Smile I am new here but not new to Auctiva. Thanks Jeff for such a great service!

Anyway, I was doing this for a while because I was trying to pay my fees as soon as I got paid so I didn't feel the crunch of a big bill and the nagging invoices that ebay sends. Anyway, within 5-6 times of doing this I was told to wait for my invoice by ebay. It wasn't a canned email, it was directly written by ebay. I've kept doing it, though. I do it to stay on top of my payments not as a dig against them but as of lately, I think it will perhaps make me at least feel better about the hostile environment they've created. One way to "pay them twice." Wink
If anyone thinks the other big companies out there aren't paying attention to what feebay is up to you're mistaken. Some smart person with another multibillion dollar conglomerated amalgamated industries incorperated, etcetera and so on will pick up on this and just you watch and see.. They will take the model that craigslist uses and mix it with an ebay deal and every man, woman and child will be on thier way there in a heart beat and some half wit at eBay will be on the way out and on the way to the bread line for putting the squeeze on everyone. With the way money is becoming so darned tight these days it won't take much more for ebay to lose out completely. Sure, people like ourselves will still be there, but the few people like us can't keep that big old air craft carrier floating on a canoe for to long.

I'll still take what I can get. I rarely lose money on listings unless they don't sell.. speaking of which... nothing is moving right now. Mom still thinks these old pots will sell and they don't.. Oh well...
Originally posted by ubuy-isell:
I pay daily, but with my PP debit card so I get my "cash back". Saves a few pennies.

I choose the "make one time payment with credit card" and use the card attached to my PP account.

You would be much better off if you paid with your Discover Card. You actually get more cash back from them and at the same time, you stick it to eBay.
I'll still take what I can get. I rarely lose money on listings unless they don't sell.. speaking of which... nothing is moving right now. Mom still thinks these old pots will sell and they don't.. Oh well...

You hit the nail on the head with this statement. Ebay admits that the sell through rate (STR) site wide is running at about 20%. Which means the average person needs to list an item 5 times before it sells. That means eBay sucks 5 listing fees out of us on each item, not to mention upgrade fees.

This is what makes eBay not so profitiable. Until this changes, either with STR's improving or eBay backing off on listing fees, sellers site wide will be re-thinking their business stradegy with more and more looking to sell in other venues like their own websites.

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