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Hey everyone,

Please help WayOutWest by adding this auction to your watch list so he can get noticed on Pulse. These are a couple of the ultra cool Tin Foil hats that were (he) wore at eBay Live!


Don't forget to add this auction to your watch list. Heck, ask a few friends to add it as well. Oh yeah, a few 'Ask A Seller A Question" questions would be fantastic too! This is a 100% charity auction. See listing for details.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Let's get this listing on Pulse!

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aw, shucks. thanks magie!

like magie said, this is 100% charity auction, with proceeds going to a small non-profit that assists persons with HIV.

HIV is affecting people from all walks of life, and I selected a smaller charity so that I will know that the monies will actually go to good use, rather than being eaten up with adminstrative expenses like some of the larger charities do.

please add to watch list under all your ebay ids, logout of ebay and watch it as a guest, and spread the word. Smile

thanks in advance!

P.S. - and yes, I really did wear these at live! Smile magie and auctiva staff can attest to it, they all saw me wearing 'em Smile and yes, they really worked! *heh* Smile
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Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
Watching under four IDs and guest.

I'd watch it even if it weren't for such a good cause.

My Best,

(I saw the hat in Magie's pic)

That's my tin foil deflector hat, lol. Steve has his own. I may also auction it off along with some eBay Live stuff. I haven't decided. I need to make the time and just do it, I guess.

I just sent an 'Ask Seller A Question' on the hat auction, lol. Too funny. Smile
YES! I too can testify that those are the hats worn at ebay live 2006.

I swear I will never attend another event with thousands of people without one! It's so easy to find the person. If you can't see them - just start asking folks if they seen a guy with an Alumium Foil Deflector Beanie and they look at you and smile and point you in the direction.

PLUS - an added feature is they keep you warm! I normally freeze and wearing my hat I was not cold at all.

Love the listing! I have added you to my watch lists.

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