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Here is what I want to say in my answer to support team.

But is impossible to send anithing, tried different browsers and computers, walk also to the internet cafe, because I tought was a problem on my pc

please add the token to the first account webdesignerbay,
I never used the second one, was my fault to create it.

Thank you very much

P.S. your help page has som problem is impossible for me to send a message, i tried also different computers and browsers
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Hi webdesignerbay,

Thanks for letting us know about this. I just removed the previous association with your eBay account from our database, so you should now be able to successfully generate a token for your Auctiva account with username "webdesignerbay".

We actually aren't experiencing any technical difficulties with our help page - I'm not sure why you were unable to send a response to your support request through the online help system.

I hope this response gets you on the right track!


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