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Mad Hey everyone heard via news and E-mail that May,15th is national gas buying strike day. Due to the massive increase in gas prices people are suggesting every one not to buy gas on the 15th in hopes that this will help decrease the cost of gas. I think this is a great suggestion and ask everyone to take part. Thanks.
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The purpose is, If no one or a great majority of people don't buy gas for one day it will put a big dent in the profit the gas companies make for that day and gets there attention that Americans are feed up with the gas companies refusing to put out more production of fuel, Because they are making a huge profit by not increasing the output. Most people right now think it is because fuel cost per barrel is high. Thats a lie if any one follows the market they will see that the price of a barrel is about $50 per barrel which is about the same cost it was when gas was about 1.95 gal. I just don't thinks its fair that we should suffer at our cost for uncontrolled gas prices. This strike is just a statement to refineries that we are tired of being used to fill their pockets. I worked back in the nineteen nineties. It helped drop gas prices $.30 per gal. Why wont it work now.
However I do think If this one day does not affect the gas prices I think it should be more like one day every week. Smile

And once again Rick Thanks for resopnding
Originally posted by 1_caring_nurse:
The purpose is, If no one or a great majority of people don't buy gas for one day it will put a big dent in the profit the gas companies make for that day

But, see, it won't. Maybe people don't buy their gas that day -- but they're still buying it. They're not withholding money from the fuel companies. In fact, the only ones who would lose out would be the middlemen, the gas stations, because that'd be a day where they didn't sell any groceries, magazines, etc.

The only way to really make a statement is to not buy gas for something like a month or more (and to not stockpile gas before the strike starts). But that won't happen because in most American cities it's really difficult to get around if you can't drive your own car.

Another idea (although a quiet one) would be for the vast majority of consumers to buy more fuel-efficient vehicles. They'd save money and they'd buy less gas per year.

The fact is the fuel companies have the consumers right where they want them and it's unlikely that will ever change as long as people have to drive cars and choose to buy so many gas-guzzling SUVs, trucks, etc. to get around.

Of course, I certainly feel your pain!
Who knows. I know one thing gas here is $3.09 A gal and rising about .03 Every day. And it's getting old real quick. It's not fun knowing the highlight of my ride to work will be the shock of getting to town and seeing how much gas has went up.
I Agree I don't see how people can afford to drive those big SUVs and stuff. Heck i wish I could afford one. I'd just like to have the money they spend in gas each month.
I guess the only real thing we can pray it goes down.
I wish gas was still 3.09 here it went up 14 cents in one day - It is now 3.29 per gallon. The kicker - there is a refinery 30 miles south of us, and while my "little space ship" doesn't run on fumes - I prefer my Yukon - at least if someone runs a stop sign I stand a chance of surviving the crash - personal trade off I suppose - Just my thoughts - Dawn

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