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Hi - I am having trouble with my new listings (I am new to Auctiva). Though they look fine on my preview and monitor, I understand that they are way too big for other people to see (they have to scroll).

I am guessing that it is either because I have paired my photos or that I centered my text. I have a ton of pics - that is why I thought to pair them up. I am using the Deco template.

I can't figure out how to change this now - going into Revise under Ebay won't allow me to change the Auctiva Template. Plus, ebay then appears to charge me for more pictures,(grr!).

I appreciate any thoughts. Here's a link to one of my auctions. I think there are issues with this one (but they all look okay to me).

Thanks! Kalli Smile
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Kallio it is a lot of work to change the photo layout. You need an understanding of HTML to do it. Basically what you need to do is edit your saved listing on Auctiva then copy the HTML and remove and replace the HTML from your active listing with the modified HTML.
I viewed your auction also. In Firefox it looks perfect but in Internet Explorer it runs off the right side of the page but not enough to require scrolling .

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