Hello! I just got a new computer, a Sony. I am unable to copy and paste from word. After I paste my description into Autiva listing it disappears. I use the error check and it states that a description is required. Anybody having this same problem?
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hi! You should never copy/paste from Word. Even if you do get it to work, it will look horrible. Word puts some kind of hidden html code into your text, so when you paste it into the listing description, your listing will be all messed up. There's lots of posts on the forums about copy/pasting from word that you might want to search for, with tons more info than what little I can tell you. All I know is, don't do it.
Butterflies is 100% correct. It does contain hidden monsters. You can do in notepad and I find that works.. but honestly just typing into the box is easy. HOWEVER, just in even your computer shuts down, if you are doing a long listing, I would do a save or two, just in case. I noticed that because someone on forums did a very long listing this weekend and lost it because of computer restart. I have heard it "may work" in word, however, you would need to strip it anyway to get the monsters out. I have not tried, but someone on forums said they do that say.

I use word because i save all my listings and port the verbiage to my various stores.

I select the word icon above the description and paste it into that box. Then I ctrl a (or select the words in the description box) and modify the font and sometimes the size.

It is usually only two steps: pasting into the little word icon box and adjusting the font.

To Vickie's point, notepad is excellent because it tends to strip the html.

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