I having been trying to post a listing but no go. My listing passes error check, I then post but it doesn't go to ebay. I check under schedule listing and it is there for a few minutes then says it didn't post because of an error. I click on error check, but then nothing appears as an error.

Help! Thanks!
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I haven't tried it with a different template. But, I when I got the error I also was trying to use one of the new templates. I was using the new grapevine type one (not sure if right name). It looked cute and fun.

Thanks for the FYI I will try a listing with an older template.
All new templates should be working now. Looks like one of the scheduling servers didn't properly load up the new templates.

It's been restarted and verified that the templates loaded this time.

So, feel free to try them out now. Let us know if you still notice any failed listings that use new templates.


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