Presentation is everything. Sometimes I will want to reload better or more detailed images to sell an item the second time around.
It is awfully expensive to sell it and have to pay two or more events of listing extortion --er--fees from eBay. Today I ant to replace ALL my auction pictures and can not
I am able to replace my Valery image on the eb ay revise page but NOT the images uploaded with autiva,.

HELP !!!

IF There is a way, pleas tell me how! FAST
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Ok... everything has an answer including this!
What I did was to sell a similar item using the listing I wanted to replace the pictures on.
I deleted the old pics and selected the new uploads I preferred to use.
Then I click "Preview" and copied the whole description.

Step two:
Revise active auction-
Select ALL in description set on Standard and pasted the corrected description. save changes
GROOVY! It worked!

It's a bit of song and dance, but it can be done.

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