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yep.. we can work like heck trying to build a competitor to ebay so us sellers can make more than the min wage on our efforts and time.... But with a govt that ignores the monopoly laws ... the upper rich will again trick to get it all...just when our efforts and time start paying off....with how our govt runs in illegals to lower wages... all this is putting the wealth in the top 1% and lowering the middle class to making just enough to live on.... with the middle class not having any extra to spend on interests .. sellers will be harmed big time... so its not just a competitor that we need to work on.. BUT ALSO OUR GOVT!!! If our govt is bought out by the robber barons it will not matter what we do... it will all go out to the upper 1% one way or the other....for sellers interests..... we need the wealth to be scatterred across all and make a strong middle class... ever what politics does this.. then this is for the sellers....but now its a fast destroying of the middle class and a fast destroying sellers buyers!!!
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yes.. a govt can set up any rules they wish.. to benefit who they choose.. our founding fathers fought the principle the power and wealth with the few... our founding fathers set up america as WE THE PEOPLE.... They fought the kings system where the wealth and power was at the top... now their america is what they fought against!!! soon the over 100,000 thousand gm and ford auto plants employees will lose their middle class jobs.... this will filter down in many ways to keep lowering wages and destroy the middle class...... nafta and gatt legistlation was just bought out govt trying to lower americans wages to help the robber barons get the low wages of china and mexico...
Selling at fairs and what not, I noticed the disappearing middle class back some time ago (have watched it happen over past 20 years)

Used to, our top selling items at shows were ones that ranged from $40-$150. It's slowly switched to $10-$40 items, because many can no longer afford the $40-$150 items. Frown

We've got the best govt that money can buy Frown

In my opinion, a big contributor to the downfall has been the closing of factories in the US and the replacement of these products with items made in China. Sure, it lets people buy cheaper products, but at what cost?

and our govt give china preferred trade status to boot Mad
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I agree with the China statement totally!

Also about the dying middle class…. well, the grass is already growing over the grave.

NAFTA and Preferred Trade with China was little more than a way for the eye on top of the pyramid (look at your dollar bill) to see beyond our shores and find someone to exploit that is in a far worse state than we.

NAFTA and Preferred Trade with China were touted to equalize the trade field and put everyone on an even playing field. Well, it is working, just not how we were led to believe. We were told that these tactics would lift our global neighbors to a state where they would be able to afford to trade with us on an equitable level. What has actually happened though is a different story. Instead of lifting of our neighbors, we have seen ourselves being lowered into their poorer status.

That last statement sounds a bit drastic, but I ask this: What would happen in the U.S., Canada, and Texas, if all our debts were called in? All that we were able to keep was that which we absolutely owned. How many of us would have to hit the streets? How many would not only lose their home, but their car and many of their furnishings, clothes and whatever else was purchased through credit? I think we would be astonished if we realized just how many cars would have to be parked if gasoline couldn’t be financed via a credit card.

We (my family) have begun to adopt a new style of living. We are no longer looking at tags telling us where something was made, but instead are looking at quality and durability. We try to purchase quality used over shiny new, and it is paying off for us. If we are going to spend our money, then it needs to be spent wisely. Consumer products need not be something that is consumable, but rather, durable. I will happily pay $50.00 for a toaster that will last my lifetime; rather than having to get a new $20 one that will need replaced every other year.

We are also learning that we really don’t need to have all the stuff that the marketing world dictates we need, and the single biggest step we have taken has been to turn the TV off. We genuinely don’t need some corporate carpetbagger telling us what we need in order to be happy. We’ve learned that function is much more important than fashion.

I’ll stop now…. man can I ever get overheated…
I agree.
We as a family have always had to live within a budget. Being home and raising my children have always been a priority. It's not easy on one persons income, but I can tell others it can be done. As we're a one income family here, pennies add up and I take nothing for granted. We're not paupers by any means, but nor do we throw our money away frivilously.

If you read the book on America's Richest Persons, these are persons that made real thinking decisions before putting out money for purchases.

America's debt spending is out of control and my personal feeling is because American's have too many means to purchase what is out of their means. Too many I gotta have it now purchases because that's the way Americans are. (but the tide is turning slowly)

My last car purchase was not because of it being made in Sweden..but because of the longevity factor and the high ranking/ratings by those in the auto industry.

We don't buy the cheapest brand of anything as it normally goes kaput fast. Doesn't mean we buy the cadillac version of an item either.

I buy the best product that fits in my budget, that will give me the most bang for my buck.

I still stand by..if I see a tag with China on it..I won't buy it. Quality is not often seen in articles that come from China. Every consumer magazine or article we refer to does not even have China in the upper percentage.

When purchases are made, they are well thought they have to be.

Marketing, Schmarketing.
That's bout all I have to say bout marketing.

My Best,
yes... we saw some UGLY truths.... when the robber barons run in a pretend democrat the clintons just to push thru nafta and gatt thru congress... at that time only a demo could get this thru congress..... and then get this!!!... the campaign manager of george bush the loser of the election marries the campaign manager of the demo clinton... mary matalin married james carville... and americans STILL didn't figure what was going on even after that....

and our govt can't seem to secure our southern border at the most dangerous time ... but somehow our govt can do all sorts of big things across the world where a tyrant was sitting on oil....

and walmart... who remembers their slogan buy american???? their first gimmick.... what happened to that slogan??? with walmart and china goods..... yes its an instant SAVINGS... BUT its a savings that comes from losing MORE in a yr or so in wages... so its REALLY a loss that keeps on yr after yr... BUT at that moment it is an instant savings....this will keep going until americans get fed up... BUT the govt is intentionally thru the media dumbing down americans so they can't SEE... but when the country becomes dumb.... then what happens we self destruct anyway!!!!

when voting people should make sure never vote for anyone who is nutral or for nafta and gatt.., get rid of all these robber baron gunslingers!!!
I agree with you on the China part....the reason I didn't mention it is because I am yet to find "ANYTHING" from there that fit's into my purchase criteria...

Synonym for cheap-->China!

We are a very non-traditional family in that we don't even have a real single income, but many different streams feeding our little income pool.
BUT the govt is intentionally thru the media dumbing down americans so they can't SEE... but when the country becomes dumb.... then what happens we self destruct anyway!!!!

It's not only in the media my friend...Just ask someone who's been in the higher academic field...

As far as in the middle of this Mart empire has taught me many things....

When Sam died....he took much of the American Way with him. He worked hard to provide for his family, his community, and his country...

His children though, being raised without the struggles he faced...well they are part of an international community with no allegience to any single entity. In short, they are players!
high profits of a company when employing alot of people making this profit generally means robbing the employees and diluting the middle class..... sam didn't have the best answer for america..... one named henry ford DID!!!

in the 50's americans were wiser... on very high incomes the tax rate was 90%... this was the govt taking these exess profits and spreading around to all americans and helping grow the middle class.....the media will never let people understand this ... they now are bought out by the robber barons...
Originally posted by wahm922:
Our government is run by the drug companies, they are the ones with the real power!

They have their hands in more pockets then you care to know Frown

I am really thinking that this forum isn't big enough for the two of us! lol...It's good to not be the only NUT in the mix!

I couldn't agree with you more! Eek

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