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wagglepop is absolutely taking off at incredible speeds... 400 paid stores not just 5 dollars like with bidvilles 400 stores but 10... wow !! and cause it is the best by far for the buyers enjoying looking and checking for items .. this sites traffic ranking will blast off even faster than the increase in stores.. already blasted past blujay... ecrater is 15,000 and wagglepop is 24,000 soon wagglepop will soar past them too..... just unbeleivable stuff here.. and just wait until these 400 stores fills up wagglepop and so much more activity there to be seen.. and at that time is when the ebay store fees kicks in.. and this will let the bay store owners see all this activity and at that time there will be an exploding stampede to wagglepop.. will rays server withstand that??? will rays not have many glitches?? if not then NASA we have LIFTOFF... now we will really have an auction mode competitor for ebay... froogle will already have the other parts to online shopping with webstores
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Hey Wahm!

I don't see it in the dropdown list for making an auction - there's four options, paypal, money order, credit card, and check.

However, I believe Waggle has a Lassiez-Faire approach to payments - in other words, we can accept what we damn well please.

I REALLY LIKE wagglepop. I'm in the process of setting up my store and poking around to see how everything works. They have active employees on the board, kinda like our much-loved Auctiva here Smile It's VERY similar to much so I'm surprised a copyright suit hasn't been levied ::giggle::

Most of the "Fee Hike" Protest auctions skedaddled over there. Smile

yes... it looks alot like ebay.... but some different in a BETTER way... less clutterred look.. more vibrant and smoother.. page loads is 2.7 seconds to ebays 3.5 seconds... i wonder what the speed is when the big stampede will go there from the ebay store owners?. This is definitely what buyers want from a site to go look and enjoy if it is they have 4.5 k monthly money to work with to make it even better..froogle is the fastest and clean to go look around but less ENJOYABLE for a buyer so far... both froogle and now wagglepop makes ones listing and items LOOK very valuable and look enjoyable to look at.. ecraters makes buyers get a weak feeling looking and confused with the feedback...

ebay did do alot of research on what buyers like... and it it stupid not to do partly copying makes the best sense .. but this site is even BETTER if it is safe...
The fact that last time Wagglepop was opened the owner just picked up and left without warning, said he would destroy all info collected but when he reopened he was able to "spam" everyone!

Once bitten twice shy, Ray has to now prove himself to me cause I'm not falling again. I hope it does work out but I'm not even registed yet, I'm not gunna put in my time and effort this time, I'll sit back and watch Wink
Originally posted by wahm922:
The fact that last time Wagglepop was opened the owner just picked up and left without warning, said he would destroy all info collected but when he reopened he was able to "spam" everyone!

Once bitten twice shy, Ray has to now prove himself to me cause I'm not falling again. I hope it does work out but I'm not even registed yet, I'm not gunna put in my time and effort this time, I'll sit back and watch Wink

Thanks for the head's up wahm922!
Anyone know if Wagglepop will accept google payments?

I have opened a store there. You can take whatever payments you like as long as they are legitimate. Even Cash!

As for Google - Karen - the customer service person - says that they are digging into integrating it, but are not serious about it yet. They are waiting to see how it works with other businesses first.
I have 2 wagglepop accounts but I only listed one auction on there just to feel it out. I too am apprehensive about wagglepop still. I have been waiting for it to take off and show me something worth investing my time into. The things I do not like about wagglepop are:

1. The front page you see when you first log on, not attractive at all.

2. I do not like the One Bid format.

The one bid (like ebay's Buy It Now) almost guarantee's the same problems in the future that ebay is having right now with seller's driving down item values and using sharked shipping methods to recover. It also negates what an "Auction" site is supposed to be.

I feel that if Wagglepop wants to stay competitive in the future..they need to make the One Bid (buy it now) format expensive to use and regulate shipping charges, just like ebay is beginning to do. Sharked shipping charges drives people away and this isnt what any of us wants, is it? Just my thoughts on the matter. I wish you all lots of sales and lots of $$$$, William Wink
415 paid stores at 10 dollars a store is very impressive for 2 months or so.... now checking the rate of new stores added.....last nite at 11 pm eastern... 396 stores today at 5 pm eastern 415.. could be about 25 stores daily until the big stampede the end of august when ebay store fees kicks in.. and thse store owners will see alot of inventory that these 415 stores hasn't seen in wagglepop and this will have the stampede.. in sept the inventory should be big and make buyeers start coming and buying.. sept will be the month to check and see what this is gonna be... and if sells are good then a thunderous stampede of listing for the christmas selling season....

if this adds 25 stores daily until august 22.. that will give it over 1000 paid stores at 10 dollars each... meaning wp will have over 10,000 dollars a month to work with to make it even better......
Count me in to add to the increase because I intend to give WagglePop a shot. I have a little over 2100 auctions on eBay now and I am thinking about listing at least half of that on WagglePop in August just to see what happens. With the fees I am already spending on eBay and will spend once the rate increase takes effect, I think it will be worth a shot to try to have a fully stocked store on WagglePop. At this stage the price increase on eBay isn't worth keeping lower priced items in my store that may take a few months to sell. If I don't see results on WagglePop in a couple of months the most I will have invested is my time since the fees compared to what I am currently spending on eBay will be relatively small. If WagglePop can attract enough sellers to fully stock stores it will be more inviting to buyers to surf around. Anyone here have a store on WagglePop yet and seeing any sales results ? Ya'll have a great weekend !
i think it will take to the end of sept to analyze the sales situation there... but then if it is beginning then one can set up for a good holliday sales season with both wagglepop and ebay... ebay will have to work alot harder and give sellers more profits so sellers will get better profits from both places.... but to do this one has to gamble alittil on making a competitor ... and this looks like the fastest way along with froogle
I too was burned on WP like Danielle was (as others) and I am hesitant to go back. I am not selling on ebay at all, just through ecrater (3 stores) only 2 sales in the 2 weeks been open... and then my own direct website. I am updating ecrater to take GBUY and then once I see what happens with WP, I might try that. I have had more hits on my ecrater items then I normally do with ebay... and I already searched my items on WP and none of my normal ebay competitors are there *yet*... well, they arent on ecrater yet either! Steph
yes sell-thru rates are good to check.... but profit is the ultimate thing to when ebay use to have free list days.... my sell-thru dropped like a rock BUT my profit soared....

here is a link to check wagglepop's weekly total sales..

....right now wagglepop's stores count is dropping some....part of this is the big rush off ebay when the price increase was announced and they saw few sales so their month or 2 has ended and they saw few sales and they are moving on..... BUT people should know the buyers will not come until there is enough inventory....and also people will start seeing how they can go in together on ONE store instead of many... paying one store price for a million listings is alot cheaper than paying a thousand store prices..... SO this will be what wagglepop will face later....HECK i think the ASM group could have their OWN store in there with one price... maybe make it a showcase store......all the different members have items...paying maybe one dollar each per month... I think WP with how hey charge sellers will make for FEW stores... BUT GIANT MEGA STORES... some with thousands and thousands of listings... and with this then WP will only be getting money from the fvf fees .

also one seller to keep check on .. in order to see sales and sales trends is SILVER CHARMS LIQUIDATORS..... she has 493 feedback in about 6 weeks time and gaining speed....

the SITE itself is set up about the most buyer friendly out there... presents all items in a quality and valuable manner..and has a name that can be advertized in many different ways and where the public could catch a feeling with...

i think i saw something about them saying no advertizing and maybe never .... BUT i do not know if that really came from WP or from WP misdirectors or haters....them saying this would make for alot of sellers to leave.. IF wp says 10% or 20% of revenue taking in WILL be spent on advertizing and then SHOW where this advertizing is... then sellers would flock there....

wagglepop... blujay these are the sites that has both the name and the buyer enjoyment to have the potential to really grow and become a real competitor to ebay....bidville shows some good stuff for the buyer enjoyment BUT the bidville name makes people think of a village of bidders .. and a name that cannot be advertized with feelings in different ways..

right now ... yahoo auctions could work since i think they elimnated the credit card requirement for buyers... and they do have a million listings but the potential for big time competition to ebay is not as good as blujay and wagglepop..

blujays owner is slow but really good...really uses good logic with his building of blujay....and that in itself may be what is needed.... ecrater's owner is faster but does not think as well ...confusing feedback and weak washed out site....heck one with bad eyesight cannot even use ecrater....

I hope the wisdom of blujays owner will think of a way to get money from the blujay sellers and USE this for advertizing .. and have it where the sellers KNOWS where this money is going ...and the other thing is blujay find a away to make an a similar wp site with the WEBSTORES as one part and the short term listings as the other part... the short term listings where the items continue to come up about to end is what alot of buyers like... and makes for buyers to KEEP COMING BACK to see what is about to end....

and again the other thing for sellers to work on.... POLITICS and GOVT.... sellers will STAY shafted until politics are done right!!!

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