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My opinion of Wagglepop and the service...Thumbs down!

I am having THE most difficult time and most negative experience getting free from the grips of Wagglepop.

I had requested twice via email to close my store with Wagglepop. And yet the invoices keep continuing and I have nothing in the store whatsoever.

I FINALLY get a response today from Karen with Wagglepop...after two months of hearing nothing. Two sales way back when and I requested to close the store months ago. Those sales were from sellers trying the site out. They have since left the site also. Not a good omen.

As a seasoneed ecommerce seller...The only I reason I can figure why they haven't ended my store when I requested in the last two months is to build up a balance due to them.

I'm a seller with 24,000+ feedback on eBay, I have my own site that sells, I sell from blujay, bidville and ecrater stores. AND I have more than one selling ID with eBay. I do feel confident about how an ecommerce selling site should work and Wagglepop does not fall into a site that I could and would recommend to anyone.

I received an email from Karen with a faux (fake) cc and bc stating it's been forwarded to the legal department of Wagglepop. (I checked the headers and there was no such cc to that department, it's easy enough to check)

Wagglepop is attempting via threats and false cc's on emails to force a member (don't call me a seller cause the site didn't work for my sales) to pay an outstanding balance that could've been handled and settled months earlier had they answered their customer contact help questions.

Due to their unprofessional treatment of customers, their inability to answer their emails/contact in a timely manner and for using false CC and more on emails with threats to strongarm sellers...I can not and wouldn't recommend anyone to use Wagglepop.

My experience hasn't been positive.

I don't even want to place a link to their service here for fear someone would actually click it and sign up for the service.

Just check out the message boards at other ecommerce selling sites...Tulip Tools, PSU, OTWA and more that back what I'm saying.

I just wanted to warn any of you who were contemplating...don't waste your time.

My Best,
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I fully understand your experience. I felt I had to try in order to make a fair accessment. I wasted my time at 9.95 for the Smart Pro package. This site also offers very few of the rudimentary features found on most free auction sites (you know, the basics you take for granted). Out of the 6 sites where we have listings, WP also has the least amount of traffic - way off the mark. I was really surprised. I can't understand why they charge for what they offer.

Good luck to all whatever format you choose,

I SWORE I wouldn't give them a try after the first WP fiasco...but then after months of listening to "hype" on how great the site was and how good sellers were doing there, I gave in and decided to try one month.

I told myself...What could it hurt? It's only 10.00 for the smart pro pack. What's that amt in the scheme of things....hardly nothing.

BUT DHM..what I didn't count on was that WP wouldn't answer my emails to close my store or my contact to close the store. But would keep the store rock n rollin building up a balance owed even though it had nothing in it and I asked repeatedly to close it.

Tulip Tools, OTWA and PSU boards are really starting to rock with members posting in regards to the same practice that WP is using with me.

If I can save one other person from being "stuck" by WP then I'll have done my good deed for the day.

Pretty day here in FL isn't it DMH? GORGEOUS!
Like everyone I listed some items on wagglepop i did not open a store (thank God)! I just pulled the items out and listed them somewhere else! I agree they should not charge any fees. and now were i do have sales on ioffer they decide to do a beta thing and the whole site is messed up and I lost some sales! I also sell on blujay but there slow also I have had 5 sales sence I've been there and I've been there a year. I also went back to yahoo and there all messed up. I will keep trying there are 2 other sites I will list some more items and see how it goes.

Wish everyone luck Smile

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I had a store when they reopened back in May (or whenever that was). I did okay. Had some good sales. Closed it in July for personal reasons.
Reopened on the 1st of October. Only one sale until I closed up today.

I emailed Karen to close it up and within the hour I had a confirmation number from her and my store was closed.

Now I am off to find something else and I will be checking things out for the new year. I still have sooo much stock to get rid of.
yes.. it seems wagglepop was trying to keep people's stores .. and them doing this that way really hurts them and all... this should have been a high priority for them to be focused on .. but seems no much focus at all here..this would scare sellers big time... but it seems NOW they may have focused in seeing all the uproar as scott seems to got his store closed quickly..

but there is one thing they do that DOES seem to be honest even tho it could hurt them... that is giving out weekly sales reports.... the last 6 weeks the sales had stopped growing... and their reports showed this... IF they were really trying to fool big time THEY would NOT put these sales reports up like that...and they are showing that nearly 250 stores have gone away in about 3 months time... putting that up is also harmful to them..... so how much dishonesty do they have??? is it a non focused issue??

and also it seems they promised a bult lister way back there and do they have that now?? these are showing some bad stuff... BUT what is good is the site FOR BUYERS to look and browse ... no other site is this good for buyers.... but wagglepop seems to not make it any more easy for the sellers..... BUT still IF the BUYERS start coming then the sellers with these headaches still will be good to sell there..

and it seems wagglepop will not do anything more like advertize..... BUT still there is the number ONE issue.. the BUYERS enjoyment...if it becomes bad for buyers its toast!!!... but if it stays the best for buyers enjoyment then just by buyers word of mouth the site can grow big... but may be a pain to sellers... and if it becomes a pain to buyers ,, then RUN.... but the weekly sales figures SEEMS to be on the up and up....that is really helpful!!
another thing.... how hard is it for a buyer to go thru with a transaction there???? the part of looking and browsing there is the best enjoyment for a buyer of any sites and IF they can go thru transactions wihout pain.. THEN just by word of mouth from buyers this site still can really take off...

and if they are trying to rig stuff they would have rigged the sales reports the last 6 weeks which show no growth in sales...after alot of growth earlier and also they show 250 stores closed... yep maybe more but still showing 250 stores closed is a highe problem but they do show that.. same with sales reports...
To read more's a great spot.

Wagglepop discussion on Tulip Tools

I have my ecraters open and a vstore and a few other venues...but if you haven't done it by now...EVERYONE should open their own website.

No eBay fee's!

I wish Auctiva would do their own version of ecrater stores. I already have my info here and it would be sweet. I could even accept Googlebuy/GBUY if they would.

The search function doesn't work on WP, there's no way to even know whose sold or what's sold or how the site works. They added a service called adsmart...more money poured down the drain.

I'm glad to be free of the lsosb.

My Best,
but the question is... how hard it is for the buyer..... how hard is it for the buyer to complete a transaction.. if its good for the buyer then the headaches for the seller will be a mute point.. sellers can find a work around these headaches.. but sellers cannot make a workaround to bring buyers to a site... it looks like if buyers like it when they tell others then buying should pick up
before I cancelled all of my items there yesterday..I checked on about 30 of them to see what the counters were at...they were ALL at 1 which is my visit to see where the counters are at :-)

at least on ebay I get a lot of hits with most things I put up...I know the fees stink but I still make $$$$ in the end...I was just paying wp $10 a month for my stuff to sit there with no traffic..I tried to get my customers over there...but they keep buying from me at one wants to go to a new auction site called wagglepop..
but the question is... how hard it is for the buyer..... how hard is it for the buyer to complete a transaction.. if its good for the buyer then the headaches for the seller will be a mute point..

Obviously the buyer experience is not good there. If it was, sellers would be selling and wanting to stay.

Are you buying things there? Well, there you go.
there is one seller there uneeksam.... silver charms liquidators who seems to be getting 80 sales a for as ebay buyers... once a buyer is set up with ebay to buy.. its very hard to get them to go anyplace to buy.. but since wapplepop is most like ebay.. they should be able to get the most of these..

i see how buyers will love looking thru and seeing items.. there question is .. is it easy enough for a buyer to go thru a transaction there???... sites are set up buyers is what sellers need... sellers can find a work around with the other pain.....bu the pain from no buyers a seller cannot make a workaround!!
I know that the few times that I bought from there I really did not like the fact that I had to wait until I got an email from Wagglepop stating that I had to sign into my account and go through a couple of pages just to view my invoice when the darn thing could have just been simply emailed to me.

There had been alot of commotion from the sellers to allow immediate payment from the buyer - but for some reason WP is holding off on that one.

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