my question concerns the deletion wizard that will delete photos from "inactive" listings. Obviously auction listings are active. But what about store listings? I have had some images deleted from store listings using the deletion wizard. Are they considered inactive if they haven't been "hit" for 180 days? or what is the criteria for an "inactive" store listing that is still listed on ebay? is there a chance the photos could get deleted or am I missing something else that might have happened?
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Auctiva is only "tracking" images that are tied to listings either directly submitted or relisted from Auctiva. A store inventory listing that is potentially relisted at eBay as GTC, wouldn't be tracked and the Wizard would potentially delete images due to Auctiva's database having no track record (per notices to that effect). If that's what you are doing, DON'T use the Wizard.

Inactive would be closed listings for those images that are tracked.

The bottom line.... Auctiva has no current method to track use of images that aren't directly tied to direct submission using their lister-scheduler or their relist tool.

I attribute the current problems to eBay suddenly ending the affiliates program that kept the site free for us sellers and Auctiva having no choice but to move to paid service or shutdown.

Are they working on a solution for better image tracking, i.e. an API gathering or site use track like Photobucket? I hope so... Roll Eyes

thanks! I think I get it. I DO relist auction items that don't sell on ebay, directly into my store. I guess this counts as an off auctiva listing even though the photos were originally listed through auctiva. I'm not going to use the wizard anymore!
A "Wizard" should be smart enough to know the image is in use, huh?

While I agree to the thought (in principle), it's not something they've actually got stored in their database. Even IF they somehow managed to track eBay use, what about the thousands that use the images on off-eBay/off-Auctiva eComm sites? And, a track method on those would still be dependent on use/hit, so that still wouldn't be 100% reliable. Eek

It's why I thought some combination of API crawler with a site-use track might at least help get a handle on Wizard-less methods for cleanup, i.e. help to sort, categorize, FOLDER the used, and scope-in on the potential UNUSED.

Even with that, a case-by-case check and deletion is still the best bet.


Hmmmm.....a crawler-based product to cleanup the image "cobwebs". Big Grin hehe
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about inactive listings... ok, so if the images are NOT in 'active' folder, they're either sold or relisted thru ebay, correct? AND if i delete them in my 'inactive' auctiva folder, photos will disappear from ebay? have had some relistings without photos, couldn't figure out why. SOOooo....if i relist/put in store on ebay, and have 'inactive' images, i should make a folder for those images as 'ebay store' to separate them from sold or deleted items so i don't lose photos on ebay, correct?

AND...if the photos are in 'inactive' do they count towards the storage value? i have to actually DELETE to get out of cache value (hahahaha)? thanks for the info, easier than going to help.

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