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Im not sure where to put this.

OK, here is the end result I am trying to do. I have (4) different templates Id like to use. I am trying to create 4 identical listings (with the exception of each using a different "template") and keep each one saved in my "saved listings"

This might make more sense using an example:
Im selling item "XYZ". I sell them using a BIN listing and have 5-10 "XYZs" available each time I list. I have created the listing using (1) of my (4) templates (Ill call it template #1). The listing is saved in my "Saved Listings" and is named (what ever is typed in the "Title" box when I created the listing to begin with)(XYZ, great gifts, yada yada yada)

Currently, I just "relist" when it ends, or I go to my "saved listing" and "list" it from there.

Now, Id like to sell the same "XYZ" using the exact same listing features with 1 exception, Id like to use template #2 or #3 or #4.

I know I can just use "create similar listing", use the original and change ONLY the "template" being used but how can I save it? Since the "listing" is saved using the "title", once I save it, it will overwrite my original. Id have to use some kind of generic "titles" (XYZ, template #1)(XYZ, template#2) and so on. But if I do that, wont they have that same generic "title" when it gets sent to ebay for listing?

What if I want to just schedual my listing to start? How whould I do that if the "title" is not correct?

Im I doing something wrong?
Am I missing something?
Is there a better way to save it?
Or is this a program flaw?...if this is the case, maybe an option to "name" a complete listing so it can be saved by "name" rather than by "title"
Maybe have a "save as"

What is the "Template Title" box for when creating a "listing"? If I type something in there, I dont see where it shows up at? If I dont type there, it gets filled with the "title" by default.

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Hi Shawn - Great question. When you create your first listing with template 1, save it. You can then create listings 2, 3, 4 etc. one of two ways: (1) you can open listing 1, change the template, click the SAVE AS NEW button. or (2) you can choose to "create a similar listing" selected from the LISTINGS page, using a copy of listing 1. Change your template and click SAVE. Either method will give you two saved listings with your 2 templates, but with identical titles as you noted. The only way to distinguish them in the saved listings list is by modification date. Oh well.

Regarding the template title box. That box will display the listing title by default after you select your template. You can change it if you wish. Where it "goes" is the top of your template when you preview or post to ebay.
Thanks for the quick response!
So I did have it figured out right...pretty much.

Is there a better way that I sould be doing that? Ex. in my "marketing" profiles, I have 4 different ones that I use and I name them according to the options I have selected and the total price of each.

For what Im doing right now, I just dont see the use for "Master" profiles. I find that just keeping the "listing" saved works best but I just wish there was a way to "name" the listing for saving purposes that wouldnt effect the actual "title" Do you think that is something that may be added in future versions? Ill post it as a suggestion.

OK, so Im not sure I understand why you would want the "template name" to show up on your ebay listing...maybe on your "preview" when editing but why would someone want it on ebay?

I have a solution to the "naming" problem. Simply put each of the 4 "indentically named" saved listings in its own separately labeled folder. Then you can tell one from the other. Not a perfect solution, but not too bad.

The "template title" is not really the TEMPLATE title, but the title of your LISTING (that can be customized, or not) that you want to appear at the top of your template. Why would you NOT want it?
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WOW, why didnt I think of that...see, I knew it had to be something simple, I just needed someone who has been using auctiva for more than a week or so like me.

That makes sense now (about the "template title") and yes, I can see why you would want that. I also know why I dodnt see it on mine...I removed the [TAG] for it from my templates...on purpose...Im using my whole title, just not in the same order that it is listed in my "title" at the top (due to kewords) and the use of the [tag] title would make the listing read funny.

OK, well, thanks again. and hopefully this post is helpfull for others as well.

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