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Hi AngelLisa,

We'll just have it turned off as needed, mostly during the peak hours on our site...but, basically, until we have this problem figured out, it is will likely be disabled during parts of the day and enabled during others, based on our monitoring and whether we detect any interference with the loading of auction images.

If I had an ETA of when this situation will be resolved, I would most certainly tell you.

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I am not a good speller and I also like to use foul language.. as such I am being throttled., that's an Auctiva slap, huh? If only pinks had a sense of humor.

OK, about the window issue, I too wish we could have some info about what's going on, and the ETA on a permanent solution to this ongoing problem. It's not just the fact that the window disappears, shows no items, etc. It affects the loading of the page and the pictures on the listing. I understand that Auctiva is aware of the issue and is working on it...but I really need to be able to trust that when they state that a problem has been fixed, that it really has. This is not a rant, Auctiva...this is constructive criticism. Communication really needs to improve.

Until that happens, I've decided to turn the window off, and edited it out of all my listings. I'm not turning the window on until I hear right here on this board that it has been running reliably for at least a month with NO snafus. It's a great feature, but I don't want to use it when it's not working, and if there was better communication, I would have made that choice last week when this was supposedly fixed. I really think people would react better to technical issues if there was an improvement in the handling of the issues. Wink
Hi Community,

As I'm sure you're all aware, we have experienced technical difficulties this week with the loading of auction images. To ensure that all auction images load successfully, we have disabled 50% of store window images...meaning that 50% of the people who view your listings will see images in your store window.

We appreciate your patience with regard to this matter.

I love auctiva and the look of the window over vendio and actually i'd xpect you guys to charge us soon which i do not mind, the only thing is with all these hiccups and i'd rather have my window deactivated cos i understand maybe things need to be ironed out, but at lease could you guys turn off the window totally ? as on mine it says on item for sale, which is a big ouch as i have over a hundred item and with this message people may think i am only sellng one single item! It's okay if its not adding to sale but to have a negative effect, its bad business. I have set up the listing to include auctiva as part all listings and now, its having a negative impact on my listings which I frown upon and hope you guys do something about it soon, many thanks.

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