Hi All, I'm probably having a blonde moment Confused but can someone please tell me where I can find the New/Used (condition of item) choices are. Can't find them anywhere when creating a new listing, any help would be great Smile
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After you choose a category you'll see a small link right underneath for 'item specifics'. It won't show up until the category is chosen Smile
Thanks 8880 for your reply. After I choose a category the only option I have is "Custom Item Specifics" and its like that with all 3 listings that I have done.
Hmmmmmm....It should say 'choose item specifics' and you'll have the option of new with tags, new without tags, preowned, etc. What category are you using, that could make a difference...
Hi again, I'm using Crafts, knitting, cross stitch etc. and it only gives me that one choice. I did import a couple of item when I joined, one being DVD's and that's fine, I thought because the condition was already there, ie not a new listing in auctiva. Maybe I will just have to add it once I list it, just seems strange that I can't put what condition the items are in in the listing Frown
I might have the answer..I put in Crafts,Knitting, Other knitting (maybe a little bit different than what you're using) and it gave me 2 links. First one was 'choose item specifics' giving the options of New or Used. And then under that one was the 'Custom Item Specifics'. So maybe try something a little different and see what it will give you Smile
I tried what you suggested and it still only gives me that one option, so just for the hell of it I put in the DVD category and up came the 2 choices so then I changed it back to Crafts again but as soon as I clicked on choose the choose item specifics disappears. Seeing as you put in the same craft categories as I have there just must be something wrong with my page. Thanks so much for your help 8880 I really appreciate your time and effort Smile
Hi, yeah I know rubberduck but my problem is that when choosing a category ie. crafts then knitting/cross stitch its not giving me the "choose item specifics" choice so therefore I can't list the condition of my item ie new/used. It's only giving me the "custom item specifics" choice. I was just saying that when listing DVD's it did give me the 2 choices but not when listing Craft items.
Thanks for your reply rubberduck. Categories are Crafts>Knitting>Patterns>Other Patterns, Crafts>Cross Stitch>Patterns,Books>Flower,Garden, also Jewellery>Jewellery>Earrings>Fashion Jewellery. If there is nothing other than custom item specifics in all these categories, where do I list the condition of my item?? In one of 8880's threads above she said she went into Crafts>Knitting>Other Knitting and got 2 choices - that doesnt happen when I do it??!!
Hi, Yes I am only seeing one choice and its the "Custom Item Specifics" link which is the second example you have put in your reply. This does not give me the option to choose the condition of the item. Why is it working for you and 8880 but not me??
I'm using Internet Explorer, Windows XP (hope that's what you meant - not very good with this tech stuff). I've only just joined Auctiva and these are my first listings that I have created.
Will try what you have suggested rubberduck. Thank you so so much for all the time you have spent trying to help me sort this out, I really do appreciate it very much. To you and 8880 - your both champions!!!!! Smile
Ah. mum, I just thought of something....are you in the U.S. or elsewhere? Because I'm seeing the same thing as in those screenshots...Just a thought because I don't really know, but I wonder if the form is a little different if you're in another country? Pretty much out of ideas now Frown
I am using IE6....
Hi guys, I'm in Australia. I've cleared cache, didn't make a difference Frown I have put in a support request with Auctiva - will see if they can help me. I just have to be able to put in the condition of my items somewhere!! Guys, again thanks so much for all the time you have spent on this with me. Will let you know the final result!!
I just read your other posts, so at least there's an explanation. It's a shame tho, I would hate to have to revise everything just for that Frown.
At least you know you were doing everything right Smile

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