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With the prolific use of eBay mobile apps Why Why Why cant our images be automatically posted to eBay gallery as well as within the listing?

If you're using more than one pic, you get much better exposure when they're all visible in the gallery because they're the first things users will see. A lot of potential buyers are initially just perusing pics, and the way the mobile apps are set up you really need them to be in the gallery!

It would be a great & timely improvement to make gallery pictures an automatic feature and not just what I feel is a very clumsy and frustrating option to have to add and remove from my Auctiva listings.
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If I understand you correctly, you can now click within Auctiva listing & select enable ebay photos, or something like that.

I use to use that only for items that had free photos.

I missed the memo & found out recently reading other messages that with the 12 free eBay photos it is now free to do that with all your listings.

You pay extra only if you select the enlarged gallery photo for a category that doesn't give that as a free option.

It's a pain to remember to do it. During free listing offerings on eBay I've had to relist more than 1 item I forgot to add extra photos to!
Yes, I use that check box, all the time.
A word of caution, however....

After creating a listing, and posting it to ebay, I then click auctiva's link that reads "create another similar ad".

In doing so, a new form opens up, with everything just like the previous ad, including the "Optional ebay gallery images" box is checked...however, the photo's that are about to be posted to ebay's gallery are the same photo's as my previous ad, even tho I select new auctiva images with this new ad. You always need to uncheck, and then re-check that box, in order for auctiva to submit your new ad's, new photo's.

Hope that makes sense. Just be sure and look closely at what photo's auctiva is about to hand to ebay's gallery. Make sure they are the same images that you are using in the current ad you are creating, and not from the previous ad.
Thanks, I've looked everywhere except the obvious for this. All the boards say that you must have all your pictures in that gallery upper left of the listing and I just couldn't figure it out. This is for mobile users. I have a question. Do you just enable the Ebay gallery images, or do you do that and also the normal selection of pictures for your Auctiva listing. Do you do both or is that overkill?

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