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I've sold on eBay before, but I'm new to Auctiva. I've opted for calculated shipping costs, and have filled in the weight of the item, type of packaging, my zipcode and location, type of shipping, and the handling fee. Shouldn't it automatically calculate the costs?

It's not showing in my preview. All I see is the type of shipping and added handling fee (which I assume will remain hidden to the buyers, right?)

Am I doing something wrong, or will it show up in the actual listing? I'd really like to be able to preview it, if possible.

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I don't use the shipping calculator, so I can't be sure BUT I think it would still be fine..The amount really can't show because no one has clicked to calculate it to their DOES give the 2.00 handling charge...were it me, I would post it to see what happens (but I'm reckless that way) Smile
Maybe someone else will come along with a more difinitive answer.

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