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I can understand your frustration. At the same time, there are so many things that can go wrong a do from time to time. I am sure they are doing all they can at this point to get it back up and running ASAP. Doesn't make it any easier to take but there is really nothing we can do here but wait it out. Of course, you could always look at the alternatives out there.
I Cannot get paid! checkout doesnt work

I cannot Post anything! nothing will go up!

Last listing I tried to save , errored and Poof gone!

But Auctiva's auto payment just worked fine and collected 142.00 from my credit card.

can someone from Auctiva Puh-leease give us an update?
Originally posted by Qster:
Just super.
I can hardly wait to see the nightmare that takes place when they open their Commerce Stores.....NOT!!

Auctiva's listing services have nothing to do with Auctiva Commerce. End of story. However, it is a pain what's happening right now. You are not the only one, I can't post either. But this kind of things happen...I have my own ecommerce site also, it goes down sometimes... no website is immune to technical difficulties.

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